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No doubt it is under diagnosed. It has long been viewed as a thing obese people and elderly people have, so single people who don't have someone in bed with them telling them "hey you snore but you also like stopped breathing for a bit" are likely to attribute their fatigue and brain fog to anything but sleep apnea.


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Brutal. I have both of them and have had a surgery for the nose. It's not the worst recovery, and I still breathe much better through my nose than I ever did before.


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I would expect it to be high CO2 levels in the blood. Your SpO2 gets back to normal after not too long once you're awake and breathing normally, but CO2 levels remain elevated and reach a steady state level that is abnormally high.

I remember seeing a post here about room ventilation in schools and students performing better with a window open because of CO2 levels as well.


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This title is so hard to parse. The article seems to be aimed at laypeople and doesn't explain how neither heat nor pressure are involved, yet sunlight is the catalyst. Sunlight is radiative heat. A catalyst must be regenerated in the process, or it isn't a catalyst, and I just don't think these things are gonna glow. Seems like they would have mentioned that.