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Right around the middle is the edge of a frozen lake and as you draw your eye down to the lower section that's all frozen lake, the background is standard mountains, the lower foreground is a rocky mouth of a super slow flowing river (why it hasn't frozen because it's moving) and a great reflection of the distant mountains.

I miss BC/AB so much. This postcard level stuff is just day to day up there. Amazing place, particularly in the winter. Great photo.


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Noise cancelling headphones (good ones, don't skimp), and being shorter helps. Work up those miles, always ALWAYS play with your seat assignment as the date approaches. Get yourself exit row every time.

If returning to the same hotel constantly, leave big luggage there (the bellhops got you), use dry cleaning, and travel only with a small overnight bag with basically underwear and toiletries.


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When I sell my email list I strip everything after the + and all dots too. So, crisis of reselling personal data eliminated.

-- I don't do this, nor even in the industry to do this. just saying ... those that are, they know all these tricks and just regex around it.

PS -- there are a tonne of email systems now that offer relays. Just use one of those. duckduckgo-mail or firefox-relay or mailinator or ... and on and on.