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What the hell is the point in hanging out on a television subreddit if you're just going to baselessly assume everything being posted is coming from bots and shills? It was the most watched series of the last week, yeah, people are talking about it. Big deal.


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> It's good if you suspend belief a little.

I feel like this is just par for the course for all these types of shows. Outside of maybe The Bureau or something like that, these all require the audience to just kinda go with it. Which is totally fine, imo, you can't have action packed shows like these that are super realistic because, frankly, that's just now how things work.

Like the fact that Peter is at the center of this thing throughout the entire series. Granted, the show does a decent enough job of keeping it tied to him so it at least feels reasonable (without giving spoilers, this is revealed in the final episode).

It's easy, popcorn entertainment and it does it well enough.


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Eh, I really liked The Night Agent. Disliked The Recruit a lot. Personally, The Recruit was everything I was getting tired of with spy shows. I didn't like the humor and the overly poppy soundtrack and pacing. It just felt too much like a CBS procedural, imo.


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> I'm not sure if he's different now, but he was a heavy drinker.

Dude, the best clip is Kiefer wasted in a bar, he says something to the camera and then turns and runs at a Christmas tree and does a diving tackle on it. It cracks me up every time.

Found it! Holy shit it's even funnier than I remember.


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>Like, I understand perfectly what you are saying.

No, you clearly don't.

>It’s still lazy writing for the writers to make it seem like a consulting contract is important when it would have no impact on the line of succession in the event the CEO and board member dies. Like, it’s just silly to show him forcing the founder to do it with ominous music and a blow job when that’s the wrong legal document! Like, that doesn’t seem like something that gets explained later.

Well, yes, it does get explained later, for the most part. But if you're going to nitpick wether or not it was the correct legal document instead of just going with the idea of what is going on then you're just looking for faults and were never going to enjoy it.

Almost none of your very specific complaints are actually relevant to the show beyond just being mad about minute details that have no bearing on the themes or story.

> why he forced the founder to sign a contract making him a consultant but didn’t bother to force him to sign a written consent or resolution putting him on the board?

Since, for some reason, I can't respond to the person below me who said I didn't know what I was talking about, I'll address that here:

The company is literally failing because Sang doesn't know what he's doing. There are several conversations about this and how everyone is in shock that he was not only running the company into the ground but hadn't put any safeguards in place.


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lol you're faulting the show bad writing when you literally didn't even watch it! This is seriously ridiculous. There is absolutely no point in arguing with you, you have no idea what you're talking about. Half of your complaints don't even make sense within the context of the show.


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> because he can just do anything anyways as an overpowered villain than what’s the point of any plot at all? > >

Because he's not omnipotent. Most of what he does is pitting the employees against one another and corrupting them. I don't know, you're arguing all this is dumb but you didn't even watch it or bother to understand lol


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> I couldn’t get past the fact that the plot seemed to happen in a very unlikely/borderline impossible way in order to set up Waltz coming in.

There is a pretty clear reason for this that is later explained.

I'm seeing a lot of comments from people who are missing things or quitting before answers are given and then criticizing things that are explained.


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Reply to Texts in movies by Mn08

No fate but what we make.

Terminator 2, carved in the picnic table by Sarah Connor (and said at one point too I believe).


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I always get downvoted for saying this but the med bay scene in Covenant, everything from the ship landing with the search party looking for Shaw up to David showing up with the flare, is absolute best thing we've gotten from of the Alien universe since Aliens.

The sense of dread, Jed Kurzel's incredible otherworldly, haunting score. It's a masterclass in ramping up the tension, the backburster, the visceral and brutal violence, just looking at those 15-20 minutes in a vaccum, it is absolute perfection.