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Grew up with a spring fed gravity water system. Awesome, pure, free water source, but had to maintain the water mains and cisterns (pain in the ass). Rented a place with a well that had hard water with high clay content (even worse pain in the ass. With nasty tasting water that left stains in the bathroom). Now on town water with no meter and delicious pure water sourced from high up near the national forest. Downside is it costs $800 a year. If you have the option I would hook into municipal water.


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The history of this place is nuts. A mansion built for an out of stater with big money in the early 1900s. Turned to a catholic novitiate mid 1900s. Then practically gifted to start up a college (SVC). College folds under massive debt in 2019. Trying to recoup the loses, the remaining trustees sign a lease and purchase and sale agreement with a Hasidic Jewish group from NJ/NY, who bring a couple hundred campers up in the middle of Covid summer 2020 to get some fresh air. Town goes bonkers over the noise and Covid protocols, and sees what might happen if these folks actually buy it. Local hospital steps up in the foreclosure bidding war to stop a potential yeshiva/Hasidic community like Kiryas Joel or Monsey. The hospital sits on the place for a couple years until they can find a buyer who’s plans won’t turn the community to absolute shit. Thank you SVHC (hospital) for stepping up…


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Just need to look at places like Jackson and Telluride. Resort towns will only get more expensive and elite. Those that actually depend on local jobs and wages will be pushed to low income regional hubs (Barre, Newport, Springfield, etc). Land and homesteads are quickly becoming out of reach for Vermont wages hence all the talk around the state about “developing downtowns”.


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I had plans to eventually move to a “non-operating” gold town with school choice so I could send my kids to a private/independent school. The COVID boom fucked everything up and I can’t compete with out of state money, remote workers, and air bnb. It’s super frustrating that because of where I live I’m stuck with one public school option, while families one town away can send their kids to any public, private, or independent school of their choice.


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Leaving all the controversial police drama aside, the COVID trauma to families with young children was substantial. It hit low income households the worst and caused a lot of folks to relapse or slip further into addiction and mental illness, igniting all the socioeconomic shit we’re dealing with now. Many of our communities are broken, hurting, and circling the drain.


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The hotel housing around rutland and leading up to killington on route 4 is astounding. Most budget hotels across the state have ended up like this. Honestly I can’t blame the property owners for going this route, as tourists don’t seem to rent these type of places anymore. The only way to make them financially viable is to accept state subsidy and maintain them to the lowest acceptable living standards.