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I was a wetlands delineator for a while. A lot of people, homeowners especially, get frustrated with wetlands protection laws. However many MA homeowners especially should be thankful for wetlands due to their ability to reduce and control storm water runoff and floods.

Without them we would look a lot more like Texas when it rains, and a lot of our towns already have ridiculous water tables and fucked up basements.

Companies are obviously the biggest perpetrators of wetland destruction though. It’s funny how they end up on the same graphs as invasive species.


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Looks like a NIMBY who doesn’t understand the efficacy of social welfare programs came through and downvoted everyone, so I gave everyones solid contributions an updoot.

This is a great idea, and the fact that we even have space for it (unlike LA) is a sign that it needs to pass before the opportunity is too late. These naysayers don’t realize that this development will become something much less useful. And, instead of assisting our homeless with becoming healthy functioning members of society, they will remain on the street perpetuating whatever archaic ideas these people have of them.

It took like 1/3rd of my morning coffee to realize this is a good idea, come on nimbys, get your shitty Keurigs repaired or something and wake the fuck up