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I slept with my hand on my bellybutton for yeeeears and one day in my late 20s I remembered why. A book a teacher read to us in kindergarten! I searched for over a decade online trying to find it and as the internet got more and more obscure content, I finally found it in my 30s!! I bought it for $5. I was going to write the author to tell him but he was 97yo and I didn't want to tell him how his innocent little book caused me so much trauma gif


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I wasn't anticipating it at all! I remember Will and Ryan did that viral TikTok singing trend and was wondering what movie it was a promo for. When the movie started as a musical I was like "oh, geeze, not again..." lol like "not another holiday musical" and it's almost like they knew I would be watching. It was a GREAT movie, a wonderful surprised, unexpected little turns of events, and I've seen it four times now. It did leave me with some questions, but not enough to make me think it was terrible. LOVED it.

There were a lot of moral opinions in it that some may live against so I could see how that could turn someone off. Also, it's a bit of a departure from Will Ferrell's usual stuff which is difficult for people to see - there's less slap stick. And... idk, I've only ever really seen Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder a million years ago and I stan his relationship with Blake. So I guess if you're into his more recent films (and he's a terrible dancer haha), this is a departure from that as well.


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That's a good question. I was thinking people who maybe are allergic to flowers but love flowers. Or maybe people who love Alice in Wonderland. I actually sent an email to Disney asking if I could recreate all their flowers from that movie for an installation and they said no. Ha.


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I saw ONE oversized flower on the internet and it was by a Bulgarian woman. All kinds of videos all over Eastern Europe of tutorials and was like "whaaaa - I wanna do that!" "Wow" so I made a couple wedding backdrops for friends for free. After that, I just didn't know where to go with it to get reputation.