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Ok cool I pulled up the website and I will call. I also plan to contact legislative. This is just not something I agree with and want more understanding of why. I literally grew and still live close to multiple giant “working” forests. I know there are many more. I see what they are doing out on the Olympic peninsula and it’s frustrating and heartbreaking. I feel like we have to stand up to this bs.


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I’m really sorry to hear that. That is really bizarre behavior because PT needs tourism besides locals. They rely heavily on tourist season for a lot of the shops in downtown. I love the in between. I liked when they had the deck open downstairs and you could drink right on the water. I’m really sorry you had that experience. That bar is in a space that has turned over many times in the last decade. With behavior like that I don’t see it lasting long. Shit service doesn’t really work. I love PT and spend a lot of time there but I will admit it’s never really at bars. Did you try soak on the sound while you were there?


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Yea I’ve only taken them off a few times but I wasn’t walking far. The times I’ve tried to make the trek I’ve worn shoes! I’ve almost made it a few times but I have stage four endometriosis and it made walking at times very hard. But I had a hysterectomy and I am determined to make it the next time I try!


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Vashon is beautiful. The islands are truly amazing. Lummi, Bainbridge, Whidbey, Lopez, Orcas… there are more of course and they are all magical places. I grew up riding ferries. I ended up commuting 5 days a week on them for almost 8 years. The sunset or sunrise boats are my favorite. I recommend it to people visiting. Especially because many states don’t have ferry systems like this.