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The Catholic Church has become very progressive recently. It takes a lot of forward thinking to acknowledge that abusing people, based on the land they are from, might be wrong sometimes. With this kind of quick change, I think in the very near future, maybe as soon as 2300, they may acknowledge that it is kinda bad for them to abuse children and women in general./s (just in case)


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I believe that was a separate issue. If I remember, the power outage a couple of months ago was identical to this recent one

Edit: went ahead and looked it up to make sure I was remembering correctly


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You answered it, these people see carrying firearms as trivial. It is like car keys or a cell phone to them. This (teacher leaving firearm in a school bathroom) has happened several times, and will inevitably continue while there's acceptance of the practice. The more insane aspect is there would be more outrage if a teacher accidentally left a copy of a state exam, a book containing LGBT themes, or an anti-religious pamphlet in the restroom.


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They defend civil liberties, not the person/group. A protected right to free speech is no longer protected nor a right if the state can determine what's allowed to be spoken or believed. I'd rather have a world where people can voice support or opposition to a country, than one where you are penalized for voicing either