SadLaser t1_jefys4d wrote

He's scummy, has no stage presence, doesn't have any impressive knowledge or skill beyond connections. I don't understand why people in the industry respect him. I'm not belittling his achievements, I'm belittling him. I think he's mostly a pompous windbag.


SadLaser t1_jedgwbs wrote

Am I the only one who doesn't understand why anyone likes Geoff Keighley or how he got any clout in the industry? It boggles the mind.

I don't care much about E3. Nothing to do with that. I just can't figure how he managed what he has managed.


SadLaser t1_jb9s833 wrote

The title of this post makes it sound like there were four Americans who were already kidnapped, presumably in the US, then they somehow snuck into Mexico to save themselves with necessary medical care.

Not the reality which is four people went to Mexico to get one of the people a cheap unregulated tummy tuck and got kidnapped while there. The article itself doesn't make it sound oniony at all, just OP.