SadMaverick t1_j8dulfo wrote

Used to have same issues when I was taking cab to the office. Best is to cancel immediately anytime they are not TLC. Usually with 1 or 2 cancellations, you can get a TLC driver. (I remember seeing an option like “Find a different driver” on Lyft).

I have heard most TLC drivers live in NJ and keep roaming around JC so they can go to the city with a fare (we pay the toll).

Uber/Lyft should definitely fix it.


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For Newport rentals, they do rent out to people with no income or credit history. They ask for 6 months of advanced rent payment while leasing. I’m pretty sure most other leasing places will have similar process.

The other option is to have someone else with income be the guarantor. Most places here ask that the guarantors have an annual income of 40x the rent.