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That day, standing in the shade staring at the candles flickering on my best friends coffin, I found out my inheritance from him.

I had been trying to light the candles for his funeral but they wouldn't stay lit because of the wind. I had been frustrated and told the flames to stay on fire and they had grown a bit before shrinking and staying lit. They stayed lit no matter how bad the wind got, and provided the perfect setting for such an event.

Weeks later, we were called into his will reading, and the lawyer stated that some of the content seemed to be jokes that only certain people knew about. When his will was read, some people received material items like his collection of books or his strange collection of precious ores and others received things like "inheritance of my pyro kinesis" or "my knowledge of all otherworldly matters" and "politics of spiritualism" Some of them believed that they had done something to receive nothing, perhaps they had wronged him in some way or they had ignored him before his passing.

I knew the truth. My friend had changed and he had been gone for a bit when we were younger. He came back and taught me about all these wild things he had learned about, from talking to spirits, or learning to harness the "magics of the world". And then he stopped talking about them, claiming that he had just been playing a joke.

I guess, that he had learned of something because he refused to talk about it but always told us we'd learn to someday. Seeing the candles flicker and go out tells me that my friend has learned how to do something incredible and that I received a gift from an old friend.


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The Report Card I carried was sparingly bare. It has to be. Each of my lives was increasingly more mysterious.

My karma was exceedingly high for someone with barely any information. I am constantly stopped by security personnel looking to get higher in the next run. In Gatherings where people can find previous connections and people who were important to them, some dangerous characters always seem to find me.

Some can remember their past lives but not me. Those who can are common but are always fascinating. And so many who do seem to remember me.

They beg me for answers or thank me for getting them off the path they were headed. A former dictator that ruled some ancient kingdom approached me with fear in their eyes, stating that they hoped that I would stay dead. They blamed me for ruining their lands and ending their people.

The most intriguing part of my Report is that my appearance rarely changes, at most changing every dozen lives. I don't get even feelings about my past lives but I'm known around the world.

There's someone who can help recall past lives, but they refuse to see me. They tell me that they can't help but I know they can, they've done it before for many important figures.


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A drone in a hive is a simple creature, they work and mate once with their queen, then they die. What of a drone that the queen has taken a liking to? A story about a humanoid drone with a queen that favors him.

My day starts with the collection of food from the surface of the planet. I am a low ranked xelaua drone that just collects food for the hive. At the peak of my maturity I am to mate with my queen and die. I am not able to experience that, for my queen has... taken a liking to me.

"Come now Little drone, just come lay with me for a bit longer?" "My queen, I have a responsibility to the hive to continue my work." "Your responsibility is to mate with me, so come here and be responsible." My queen waves a finger at me, with pleading eyes. "I must continue my work until my time, it is my duty." "I didn't want to force you but you are just a stubborn little one." A mist starts to waft from the queen. It smells so very good, so good that I don't want to leave. I begin to walk towards her. "Now come here and stay with me little drone, I shall make sure you don't leave me." There is a soft noise and I feel something wrap around me. A cocoon is wrapping around me. "I finally found one suitable to be my king, but he must reveal his true self first." I am engulfed in the queens cocoon and I soon slumber, soon to be reborn as her one and only king.


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"Hey, Captain, rise and shine." I open my eyes and look at the private staring back at me. "New mission?" "No other reason to call us." I stand up and dust myself off, before grabbing my gear. "What's the deal this time?" "Terrorist group in the L-4 quadrant." Shit, L-4 was Sore Loser territory. Fucking Sore Losers, always lost whatever fight they started but they made sure to decimate the other side first, hence the name.

I piloted the ship towards the quadrant and ran a deep space scan. Deep Well cloaking tech surrounding us for at least half an EO (earth orbit). Sore Losers shouldn't have something like that, fuck, there's so many.


The ship got blasted soon as the scan finished, we got hit hard. I saw a ship speed towards us and then I blacked out.

Came to in a plas cell on a scrap ship. It's definitely Sore Losers. These fuckers take pieces and scavenge what tech they can use from the dead. This holding cell ain't the worst part, if they got us that means that my crew is either dead or P.O.Ws of these sick bastards. They use P.O.Ws to "test" tech, from new blasters they picked up to some experimental drugs that aren't logged in GGLs (galactic goods logs). I try and access any of my parts. All disabled, looks the cell came with EMP capabilities.

I sit back, and shout. "Any Sub-marines in the sky?" "sir no sir.." Sounds like..."is that you Lieutenant?" "Aye captain, but I'm not doing good." "Shit, I've gotta get us outta here." "I don't know about that sir, I saw some privates get dragged off earlier, than screaming, I doubt any of us are getting out of here." No rescue coming for us, and no way we can get out of this MacGyver ship. We ain't getting rescued because we're Sub-marines, a recon team made of Earth-siders. Back on earth submarines are little ships under the water, something no one cares about anymore, that's where we got our name. We're all from Earth, but a couple of us are a bit different, halflings from freaky Humans, or modified from previous missions. No choice but to wait for them to take us.

My turn comes not too long after, about 12 Earth hours. They take me to an experimentation room, past some of my soldiers. All of them are alive, but not all of them are there. When they put me on the table to start cutting me, I catch one off guard and kick him. Fuck these little pests. I jump up and start fighting, one of them grabs a blaster and takes aim. Too slow, I grab the front and put it down his throat and force him to pull the trigger. "Standard issue blaster, one of ours huh?" all these fuckers are dead. I start a sweep, and take my time. There's almost no one on this ship. The few Losers I find, I beat half to death. Forget the blaster, it's designed for fast eliminating, and these fuckers need some hard lessons. I leave them all just barely alive, and lock them in the airlock. I find my squad and help the least injured first, though it's still bad. Missing whole limbs and full of some new drugs. Half of them are in shock and the other half are begging for death. I'll have to use the amnestics on our ship if they're still there. If our ship is still there.

I hear banging from the airlock. Fuck them. I help my crew back to our ship, thank God they didn't take it apart yet. I hit them with amnestics and they go down. I use the scan, all the ships from before are gone... wait not gone, on a planet an EO away. I look the planet up on the GMD (Galactic Military databases) and nothing comes up. Unmarked planet with no prior inhabitants. Good. I look up to check munitions on the ship and find just some large solar flare type long distance missiles. Just what those dickheads deserve, Death by fire.

Steady, aim, fire. The planet is about an EMO (earth moon orbit) away. Flash, and a light ignites on the planet. It spreads, slowly getting brighter. Even if they somehow survived, SF missiles also emit large amounts of EMP radiation. Most of their ships are probably down, and probably a good amount of their people too, from the sheer number of mods these rats have. I set the ship to autopilot and guide it back to base, the men are gonna need some prosthetics and probably retirement. They can't keep going like this. They aren't my first crew but I'm gonna make sure they're my last. And I'll make sure these terrorists don't hurt anymore innocents. No more lazing around.


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A place between places, a rest stop of sorts. That's my birthplace, a place where few end up and even less stay. I have to stay, because this is my home. The only people I've ever talked to have been travelers in the midst of true directionlessness. The first person I met, I was but a boy and it was a man with empty eyes. He talked about how nostalgic the place was, which made no sense because I knew he had never been there before. He talked and talked to me, without knowing who or what I was. He eventually found an exit, and offered to take me with him but I lied and told him I was waiting for someone. He left with a sad smile on his face, and the air rippled around him, that was the last I saw of that man.

The place I knew to be home was a surreal place, with a large tree in the middle and nothing beyond the horizon. That's how it looked to me, an ever-changing tree that never stayed the same for more than a day. I knew that the place was special though I never left it, and that's because I started to grow rapidly after a long time. When this happened, my home started talking to me, communicating with me through my thoughts. It showed me things beyond the place and true destinations. When people came and spoke to me, they always brought up how peaceful and nostalgic the place was. My home showed me how it would appear to them, and it was always a pleasant experience. These people who didn't know where to go, were shown a place where they started and a place they could go. As for me, this place has never changed, only ever showing its true appearance because there is no place I miss or wish to go.

I learned how to change the appearance of the place as I wished, and this allowed me to bring peace to people a bit more. Meeting people was important to me, but one day I grew curious and decided to go to the horizon. I walked towards the horizon and stepped to the edge. I saw nothing but felt a warmth coming from the nothing. This empty place was home to me and that's how it would be. I walked back to my home and laid on the tree, resting my head against the bark. I would be a guide for the truly lost and this place will guide me as I do it.


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Pt 2

After taking a trip to an old house that my mother's family owns, I went through whatever old memories the generations had not yet gotten to. There I found some real answers, or at least ones that gave a clue towards my origin. There were old pictures of freakshow attractions from the early 1900s, seems our family really did have oddities but were hidden away from time and the rest of the family. I saw great great uncles who were seemed strangely bovine in the pictures, these pictures had the writing, "Meet the fantastic Beef Brothers, as strong as bulls and as large as an ox." Then a picture of a woman with bright eyes and a strange white material around her chest. "Meet the steamy Anna, a heart as cold as ice but eyes that burn with a passion!" I sorted and looked and found more and more pictures of all these people, who seemed to have conditions similar to mine.

I didn't know what to think, why didn't my parents tell me about this? But, seeing these pictures, it's obvious they didn't know. Or at least they claimed they did. My family had apparently had this problem for hundreds of generations, but no one had ever noticed. Until me, it's possible the genetics had mutated in me. The amount of people that didn't have any fascinating traits currently seemed to be tied to the fact that having kids with normal people seemed to bury the trait, but with me it had popped back up. My father's side must be similar for the gene to have popped back up stronger than ever since a generation or so ago. It doesn't seem like there's any solution but there is a unique opportunity here, I can track down some of my distant relatives and learn about my family.


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The moment the child came into existence, everyone felt it. The silly temporary rulers of Man, the omnipotent rulers of the ones above Man, Gods, they all convened when they felt it. Like wild animals running on instinct they met and discussed but when they finally came to a decision, it was to bow. The child seemed normal to its parents, but it was not. For it was connected to all and would grow to be the Final Ruler of all. A child that knew the secrets of the world and had the ability to bring them into the open or erase them completely was someone that no one could oppose. When the child matured, 18 years after its birth, everyone greeted the new ruler with a smile. The Universe itself had descended and come to rule, no one could argue. For who could argue with the very thing they wished to rule?


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I'm a walking idiom, I was born with body parts of sayings from who knows how long ago. All my body parts have worked like normal from the day I was born but it really is strange. I'm a silver tongued, heart of gold fella with an iron stomach, nerves of steel and green thumbs. Each of my body parts have special abilities based on the idiom they come from. My silver tongue allows me to best anyone in a conversation, my heart of gold makes me far too kind for my own good. My nerves of steel keep me rather calm, and also give me a dulled sense of touch, my iron stomach works well for digestion and I've never had a stomach ache so that's a plus. My hands are sort of plant-like and allow me to grow any plant I touch, simply by thinking it. I'm like a real superhero!


As cool as it is, it's brought too much attention so I'm hunting for some answers. I started with my parents, two good people who gave birth to one hell of a child. They had no clue and couldn't tell me anything, besides the fact that both sides of the family had some rather odd relatives but nothing like me. I went to the hospital where I was born, but most of the doctors and nurses who were at my birth had either been promoted or moved on, either literally or in the spiritual sense. There was one nurse who had been there at my birth who told me I came out silent and rather easily. They couldn't exactly give me any help either. I decided to turn to looking through family records. Time to take a trip to the old family home.

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