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Cheerleading is one of those sports where everyone tends to rally and support everyone else, especially in cheer competitions. Yes, there may be fierce competition for that team that you are evenly matched with and constantly swap victories, but if there is an injury or something tragic, teams don’t matter and they are there to support each other.

Some of the competitions we go to they have special needs teams and the entire arena claps along during the routine and gives a standing ovation.


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Agreed. A store opened less than a year ago near us and there was always a line out the door. By the end of the summer, the stores were dead. They are expanding like crazy. My guess in under 5 years they will file for bankruptcy.


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Morning news anchors want to present a strong family picture. The core audience after all is stay at home moms. If the cute blonde anchor that you thought was sweet and innocent and had her life together and had a life that was wonderful and happy and the handsome muscular man wearing a perfectly put together suit turned out to both be lying cheating bastards, you would turn away. They broke the image of the perfect family (The Today show was for a long time using the tag line “America’s First Family-TODAY on NBC”).


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ABC is owned by Disney. Disney is a company that likes to promote traditional wholesome family values. Two mildly rising stars in your news organization who both cheated on their spouses doesn’t support that image, and if/when they split it will cause drama on air, especially as the show they were on was light hearted and celebrity news. Not good having your anchors be the news. It is best to cut your losses and break away from the drama and move on.


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Put him up at a hotel near the airport and don’t have him stay at your place.

Worrying about the guest finding grandma’s priceless jewelry or opening the display cabinet housing the signed Michael Jordan game ball from his last game is something to be concerned about. Secure/hide those items in a locked closet.

Worrying about your guest opening your refrigerator or kitchen cabinet while looking for a glass to get a drink of water is simply an unhealthy fear. Have them stay at a hotel.


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This is your captain speaking. We have been told by the tower that we are going to have to circle for a while due to bad weather in Chicago. We apologize for the delay.

On a related note, the fresh French fry service in First Class will suspended. We need additional fuel.


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A teenage girl rear ended me. She was nervous and didn’t know what to do. She called her father and I eventually got on the phone with him. The first thing out of my mouth was “Your daughter is fine, no injuries, just shaken. The car is not drivable”.


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Had a driveway sealer come to my door and said he was doing my neighbors house and “he had some extra” and would do my driveway for $200. My driveway was tiny and I declined. 45 minutes later he comes back and says he’ll do it for $50 so I accepted. He did an Ok job. I was later talking with my neighbor and he said the guy told him the same story, except he was quoted $500 and he accepted that offer. He was pretty pissed when I told him I paid $50.


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We had to terminate employment for an employee and we documented it in a memo to the employee outlining where he was falling short and where he needed to improve. He signed the letter acknowledging he received it. We worked with him, but his attitude became worse and we ultimately terminated employment, but we documented why he was terminated.

The employee never filed for unemployment, so I’m not sure if it would have caused a denial, but the reasons were clearly documented


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I’m mixed on this at the moment.

On the plus side, increased competition will lower costs and drive innovation which is good.

On the negative, with the players currently planning on getting into this market (Sony, Bose) I can see unnecessary features being added just to set themselves apart from the competition (add more checkboxes to the packaging). This will also add complexity (something that the elderly (including me) don’t need). All these “extra features” may add additional costs.

I am waiting to see the outcome.

EDIT: I also hope that the cheap manufacturers don’t come in and swamp the market with “as seen on tv” garbage for $19.99 at Walmart. I could see someone like my mom buying that crap and that doing long term damage.


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As others have said, it varies based on your exertion, heat and other water loss. Too much water in too short a time can throw off your electrolytes and lead to damage. If your urine is a light yellow color you are likely fine. If every urine is clear on a regular basis you could be drinking too much, and if your urine is a dark yellow or orange, you likely aren’t drinking enough