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That was my next question.

>Some of the witnesses said that the man did not appear to be in any pain during the amputation, and there was no blood loss as a result of the procedure. However, other witnesses said that the man “moaned” as the procedure was being performed. Another witness said that “it was not a very good amputation.”

What the fucking fuck?


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>Once the foot was removed, Brown instructed staff to place it in a freezer to preserve it. Multiple witnesses said that Brown intended to taxidermy the foot “as a reminder to wear your boots,” which one nurse described as “weird.”

I have so many questions after reading this article. First and foremost, when is a nurse at a nursing home authorized to amputate limbs on their own?

Second, only one other nurse thought that was weird?


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> I think this photo and the video where he wet himself are from different events. Also wearing of hats is still common in Africa

I'm super interested in your thought process on posting this comment. Like he wet himself but didn't have a hat on? The dictator to hat/urine economy is a bit of a mystery to us in the western world.


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>I told you a while ago my work was done.

I have no idea who you are. I am a very inclusive person and if you want to talk about shit that's going on with you I'm tote's down. I would certainly appreciate not spreading completely nonsensical bullshit about me, but if you need to do that to feel good about yourself then you do you!


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> No, it's more that I get triggered by ostensibly smart comments betraying themselves by their failures in grammar and still expecting to be taken seriously.

No, you're in this now. Because my accidental misspelling of a word where we both understood the context and meaning triggered you to the point of EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT A PERSON MISSPLEED A WQORD1!


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Oh, the lady who barely won by a few hundred votes after a recount in her overwhelmingly conservative county.

I have to drive through that area for work every so often, and her campaign posters were just a picture of her with the word "freedom" under her picture.

That's it. No actual slogan or thought process, just the word "freedom." I always translated that to "freedumb" in my head whenever I saw them.