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I would say our best candidate for a planet with intelligent life. That’s cheating though since we don’t have one (maybe life, but no signs of intelligence yet). The center of the galaxy (outside its black hole) would also be fascinating to pan around what must be a dizzyingly different night sky.

You do have the separate problems of getting any information back home (in a reasonable time at the speed of light) and potentially power (could we ever get a signal from current technology telescopes we place really far away)?


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If we are in a Big Rip scenario, perhaps once there is no heat differential anywhere, a quantum fluctuation will allow the creation of another universe. Or, perhaps more in the spirit of your post, we are in a black hole from another universe, and that is the end of it all.


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I guess I am confused. If you add an arbitrary number of dimensions, are you not adding additional degrees of freedom? And if yes, then is it surprising you can get an infinite number of shapes?

Also, I did not buy the quote, "if it spins too fast, it will break apart". Huh? I'm sure there is mathematical justification for that statement. But physical justification? Everything is within the event horizon. Where would it break apart to without falling back in?

I trust Quanta, generally, as a source. So I am sure their results are valid. Just explained very poorly. (Or so complicated no one can make an analogy for layfolks).


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One of the saddest short videos I ever saw (sorry, no link as it was a film theater) was a great white who lost its dorsal fins for soup sliding hopelessly into the dark abyss.

I personally never want to be eaten by an apex predator. Equally appreciate Spielberg’s circumspection with the legacy of Jaws. Which is still one of my favorite movies.