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Honestly this is not that different from what the whole independent comic scene was doing after TMNT hit it big. SO MANY TMNT knockoffs.

Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters

Pre-Teen Dirty Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos

Cold-Blooded Chameleon Commandos

Adult Thermonuclear Samurai Pachyderms

Geriatric Gangrene Jujitsu Gerbils

Mildly Microwaved Pre-Pubescent Kung-Fu Gophers

Naive Interdimensional Commano Koalas

Bushido Blade of Zatoichi Walrus

I swear to god I didn't make any of those up.


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At least where I live, there isn't even a consensus that anything needs to be done at all. So it doesn't even matter how what my ideas are, because they won't get acted on either.

A reasonable debate would be "What should we do about climate change?" but instead, because of one political party, we're still stuck having a debate on whether climate change is even happening.


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The only problem I have with this is that if we did manage to tweak algorithms to skew positive instead of negative, then everything would be flooded with cheap low-effort positive stuff instead of cheap low-effort negative content.

For sure it would be an improvement is the constant flood of prattle had a more positive tone, but I don't know how much it would help, especially with what passes for "positive" or "wholesome" or "heartwarming" anymore. It would just be variations on, " School kids raised $50,000 to save 10 orphans from the orphan-crushing machine" all the time.


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Yeah, this. You can 100% play this game as if it was a series of single-player RPGs if you don't want to engage with the online community.

There will be times and places where other players are obviously around, but you don't need multiple people to play together. You can level up all on your own, and these days you can keep up with the story just playing the story missions and not bothering with any of the side quest stuff.