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I don't necessarily remember it being a big ordeal changing my last name after getting married. I literally brought the recommended documents to the social security office and had to wait about 20 minutes due to the volume of people.

However, requesting Petition for Change of Name Forms can be found at Name Change Link and it says the filing fee is $187.50 with a $10 fee for service of a child name change.


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I also thought it was abandoned! Until my husband and I were driving past it and I asked, "is this placed closed down? I never see people?" At that moment we saw all these young men in suits walking to a building. Very eerie to see. The whole campus besides them looked dead.


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Mama Jean's keep ALL their boxes from truck at the front of the store so customers can use them for groceries or whatever. Totally free to take. They're right by the entrance.

*used to work there


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I live next to Phelps Grove. There are picnic tables and grills near the park entrances, there are picnic tables scattered throughout that are free to use and the massive Pavillion with patio is also to use BUT if you have a large party you can reserve it through the parks website.


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Idk about payment plans but Angel Animal Hospital is a vet and Dr. Flathers is literally an angel. She allowed me to bring in my cat on death's door before the vet even opened. She is amazing.


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Well at least they did something about it. I had to complain about a couple who wouldn't shut up during the Mister Roger's documentary. The manager took forever to come over and then in the end started reprimanding the wrong couple on the other side of us which made it even more awkward when we had to tell them the right couple, as they then knew it was. They didn't even kick them out so then we had to sit there while they continued to talk and talk shit on us for calling the manager.


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For the record, if you are driving and going 5 below the speed limit and there is a dashed yellow line telling me I can legally pass you in a straightaway, I am going to.

So flash your lights all you want, honk. Fucking drive. Stop going 15 down a 30 because you plan on turning a few roads down.


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The last time I walked past Hollywood Theater (because I never go downtown anymore, really) there were literally, like, 8 to 10 high school aged kids just brawling on the steps. I shouted a few "Get 'em in a headlock" and then I walked off before the cops came.


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What is wrong with Canton Inn?

*Down voted for just asking?

Oh you don't like their rich cashew chicken sauce? Their homemade egg rolls stuffed to the brim aren't satisfying? Their lo mein sauce is way better than Hong Kong Inn. You people have garbage taste.