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Insurance rates rise via zip code.

If more claims are made in your zip or by drivers who reside in your zip it’ll effect your rate.

My friends car windows have been smashed 7x in the last few months in fishtown. I’m sure he’s not the only one (nothing visible in car obviously)

So with claims going up so will your insurance regardless of your personal claims or history.

Edit to add the window smashing was in OP same zip code.


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The faster we stop the mindless finger pointing and hold our local city officials accountable the better.

This city fails to fund every service for children every single budget every single year.

The schools, libraries and pools are the very last item on the docket and they cry poor and finger point every year. This city has a massive budget and provide shit services across the board.


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A parking ticket written by PPA will just go to the stolen plate.

Pull over for inspection resulting in the registration being stolen, forged, expired etc is the best course of enforcement. Tow the vehicle, return to owner etc

PPA would just write a parking ticket for inspection and it’ll go to no one.


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While technically you’re correct.

Inspection and Emissions are no longer a reason. When you inspect your car it has to be registered as well. Kills 2 birds with one stone. They’re incredibly visible and easy to read from a distance on the windshield. Majority of time an inspection pull over leads to iffy registration issues as well.

No registration stickers on plate anymore. So only way for a police officer to know if car is not registered or there’s issues is to randomly run their plate while driving, imagine that case going in front of Philly DA and judges. “Ran plate for no reason”

So inspection and emissions being whiped off is not good IMO, also, just generally I’d like to see vehicles with bad safety stickers be at least warmed on It as bald tires and worn brakes can kill


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They’re not tho. You can go on the website and see the full breakdown. No system will ever be flawless but progress and math and reading proficiency etc is a good gauge.

I’m not here to argue school ratings. The point I was trying to hammer home is even the best elementary school kids are still looking at private schooling or charter magnet if they’re lucky at some point no matter what.


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I see Meredith mentioned in here all the time like it’s the answer. But that’s an elementary school. What happens for high school? You’re still going to be stranded and have to pay private or catholic for high school regardless. Meredith is also rated 7/10 or 8/10 depending where you look and still behind most suburb elementary schools. So while it’s a great option for people who can afford society hill housing it’s not the answer forever.


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Partisan? If thinking victims and their families deserve better and having contempt for the DAs office here makes me a Republican than I better update my voted ID card and see if I have an old red hat laying around.

The families bar is set far too low then.

They deserve better.

Article says the bail is “often done without DAs office being notified”

That’s fine, but an experienced and or more involved Ada might be more on top of things to know right away or very shortly after and thus inform their victims family

Krasners quote that the Commonwealth plans to address it at Mondays hearing.

TGIF baby, we’ll get to it after the weekend


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Mayor hand picks commissioner. Commissioner serves at the pleasure of the mayor and can be fired or demoted at any time. Our commissioner is inept bc our mayor is inept.

Maybe mayoral candidates should get on that train and announce they’d fire our current police commish and have a plan on replacement.

That’s a campaign idea we can get behind


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Don’t forget. They lie. Focus on the candidate you think it’s capable and competent to make this a reality. Not the ones who talk shit that it matters

Jimbos biggest addressed issue was always “vision zero” remember that? 3 cyclists killed in 1 fucking month in his 8th(?) year as mayor.

Don’t fall for what comes out of their mouths and think about which candidate can and will actually do something.


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Also, with all due respect to the sport. Is teaching kids to fist fight each other exactly the best recourse to stopping violence.

I know, I know, if they just fought they wouldn’t have to shoot each other, that’s more naive than what I’m saying. People lose fights and still use guns.

All in all anyone with half a brain knew exactly what would happen with this money. I just hope the “I’d rather pay more taxes for better things” crowd is paying attention. The city has always and will always light money on fire


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Hope he gets penalized like anyone else should. What I’m sure the dad meant is that it’s not a big deal as far as Fox29 going to his home to interview the man.

Philly police seize 12 illegal guns every single day. It’s not a big deal as this happens 4,000+ times a year but since the person is the child of VP of FOP it warrants a door know for interview.


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Think about your own statement. Use a bit of common sense. If they’re brazen enough to come out and officially change 10-12 laws to not be allowed to pull over.

Imagine how much worse behind the scenes are. Also, let’s say you’re a cop. (I know you could never bc Acab and all that good stuff), but let’s play pretend. You pull someone over. They have an illegal gun. You risk your life to retrieve that gun whether it was brandished or not. The Ada or judge throws away the gun charge bc they believe the suspect was pulled over for a wrong reason. That happens 1x to a cop I guarantee they’re hesitant to bother again. Multiply they by thousands of cops with numerous instances of this happening and you get the police force that exists today.


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The mayor and his puppet police commissioner do not want cops making traffic stops.

I’m not quite sure how this isn’t abundantly obvious to everyone with half a brain

Police stops=police interactions=chance something bad could go wrong. In the guise of equity the city leadership wants cops engaging with the public as very little as possible