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This. It's a small enough airport unless they're crazy busy, your TSA wait time is often under 15 minutes.

The long term parking is easy and if you're able to walk half a mile, you will be fine.

The times I've flown out(which has only been like 3), I've never had any issues with checking in, getting my luggage checked in(including carrying a firearm in it), and getting through TSA.

An hour before your flight is set to start boarding is a good idea. 90 minutes if you really want to be sure.

Since I carry a gun in my luggage and that requires some extra TSA fun, I will show up 90 minutes early.

This is, of course, just me travelling. No kids, no groups. Just me.


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> This is a meaningless talking point.

No, genius, you missed the point that these things have been around long enough to be C&R(that's curio and relic) weapons and there's legit millions of them that have been around since the 1960s. It's not that they can't be dangerous, it's that they're common. Keep up.

>There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. All of those activities involve the coercive labor of others.

This isn't your fucking poli sci class. My point on your whataboutism is that people who are doing behaviors that others do to excess, misuse, abuse or outright use for criminal purposes shouldn't deny the regular use for everyone else. You're accusing people you don't know for being "complicit in the senseless murder of thousands". That completely removes agency from people and it's borderline idiotic.

To say this another way: Did you prepare food today? Use a kitchen knife? You're complicit in the murder of millions going back to the first cases of bladed weapons and the death of humans. Monster. You have the bodies of dead children on your hands because you checks notes cut vegetables. That's the essence of your argument and why no one takes you seriously.

It is not the fault of a bar or a casual drinker that there are alcoholics who drive drunk and do unjust harm to others. The same holds true for guns. That's my point and you turned that into 'capitalism bad', then try to use the logical fallacy you used to accuse me of the same after completely missing the point, again.

You don't want to see the reality of firearms. A large majority of guns and gun owners don't kill anyone. Have fun holding signs and calling people murderers and wondering why they don't listen to you.


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Cool. Good luck changing anyone's minds who actually owns a rifle designed before the pocket calculator. Really, go look it up.

If you drink alcohol, smoke, drive a vehicle or eat a burger, including veggie burgers, you are complicit in the senseless murder of thousands. That's how idiotic your whataboutism sounds.


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I tend to buy online. I like transfers through Armed Sources Pawn & Gun, J&S Pawn and Gun, or Eagle Pawn and Jewelry.

Armed Sources is a nice guy, J&S has been around forever and is a generational business(the current owner is the previous owners son, who picked it up after he passed) and Eagle Pawn is just close.

Since you're looking for an AR, there's a lot of options and basically any gun store that isn't pure fudd will be able to meet your needs.

Do you know what kind of AR you want or how you want to build it out?


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Yep, because of his temper and lack of responsibility.

It doesn't change the facts of the situation as you have laid them out. Letting dogs out without a leash and you getting between your dog and their dogs could have ended really badly for you. You just became the barrier that gets bit.

Him grabbing a blunt object and threatening you with it is grounds for self defense, particularly the closer he gets. If he was hurling insults from the porch and being an asshole but not being threatening, you can't walk up and pepper spray him. That's not the situation you laid out above.

So you can choose to not go that option, but understand what you did is not recommended. If your neighbor is a shitbird and it sounds like he is, treat him like one. If he did something that was a genuine threat against you, make him not do it again.


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Nope, this is actually a valid answer. The moment he picks up a blunt object and starts running at you purposefully threatening you, you are completely clear to bust out the pepper spray. That is not an assault charge and pepper spray done correctly typically doesn't actually harm dogs.

It can make them go more fight-or-flight, so once you spray them, get out of the situation and call the police. Some dogs will whine and cry, some run away, some get more aggressive.


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I'm a gun person. I carry every time I leave my house. I'm serious about it too and I don't slack on it.

What you described above really doesn't meet the requirements for use of deadly force against someone else's dog until the dogs started attacking each other or you.

The better option honestly is pepper spray. Yes, sometimes you need to be able to resolve the situation with violence. Proper use of pepper spray won't permanently harm dogs but it can make them fight or flight, so once it happens, gtfo.


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Reply to comment by tifferpok in Cashew Chicken Competition by Hector417

Golden is the spot I hit up because it's close to home. It's not the best I've had but it's legit and decently priced. All of their combos come with a drink. I can drive just backroads and get there and they're open until 930. At 9pm, that matters.

Their spicy stuff is good and straightforward, but very 'Springfield' spicy if you get my drift.


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Good. Narcan(naloxone) is instantly life saving for anyone who has an opioid overdose.

If you carry medical kit, it should be in there, same as a tourniquet or chest seal.

Get some training to spot the signs of opiate overdose. If you don't live in one of these four places, you can still often buy naloxone over the counter.

Further reading. Have a good day.


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Some people who have commented on this thread are dumber than dogshit. This is the Internet, people will use sarcasm to make jokes. This is a joke.

The fact that has to be explained to you means you need to pull the stick out of your ass. Laugh at yourself sometimes. Damn.


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This, plus I wouldn't be at all surprised if 417mag didn't include young professionals. I've spent 17 years in Springfield, all of my 20s and most of my 30s and I've paid attention to what 417mag says like 10 times, including this.

I remember Steak & Ale. It was good. Far from the best but good. It was an old school steakhouse and so is Jimm's. I haven't been in several years so I can't say anything about the quality post covid. When I want a steak I go buy one and make it myself.


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Cost of living is insanely cheap here.

It is. Even with the last couple of years.

I know people in Florida paying 2.5k a month for a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom house and they're not in Miami or a large urban space.

Our cost of living is low across most of Missouri compared to the US.

I'm looking at moving to Montana or Utah for a couple of years and my rent in small towns will be over 1k for the same size property I'm currently in for 650 a month here. We have seriously low property costs.


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Legit question: How many cars to do see in traffic every day that aren't MAGA flag wavers? Hundreds? Thousands?

For every one you see with a big ass trump flag, most people aren't.

> guys armed at Starbucks

You are in Missouri. People carry guns. You are in the place where the south and midwest meet, the two most armed parts of the US. Statistically every other home has a gun in it. You're not getting away from this driving within 500 miles of here except in specific urban areas.

> churches

We are the home to Assemblies of God church, including their missionary and pregnancy care and all of that. I don't like these people much, but Pentecostalism as a movement here is about 130 years old, starting in Iowa. It's not new and it's not going anywhere. It is slowing fading with time as churches become less and less relevant to people.

This is like being upset that trucking is a big industry here or that bass fishermen really like the Ozarks.

There is no utopia and you don't always have to like or agree with everyone who lives in the same place you do. That doesn't make it a 'shithole' or some place to be scared of. Stupid doesn't have a zip code and there's a lot of stuff to like about living here.


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I'm feeling fine. Yesterday was actually a good day.

The problem is the circlejerk of ignorance and sometimes subreddits go full in and ask for seconds.

Your quip has a complete lack of even basic knowledge of the subject. Jan 6th was over a year ago and you've never once actually looked at federal insurrection law. It's literally a google search.

If you're going to name an insurrection law after someone wouldn't it make even a little bit of sense to actually look at insurrection law?

Oh, and I don't drink.


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> Next should be the Hawley Act which would ban insurrectionists from holding federal office.

Your words

> shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

USC law.

You want a new law to do something an existing law already does. That's not 'putting words in your mouth'. It's pointing out your lack of knowledge.

Downvotes also don't make that less true. Sorry.
The existing law is fine.


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She does because of her husband. She gets a lot of the headlines for it but she's typically not at the top herself, her husband is.

Unusual whales is the biggest tracker of all of this and they call it the Pelosi metric for a reason, but there's plenty of Republican Congressional members who take part as well. This isn't one sided at all.

Congress members and their immediate families should not be allowed to trade while they're in office. If they need to make 150 million dollars like what the Pelosis are worth, they can retire.