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Who is moving goalposts? Why are you so busy pushing marriage onto someone? I don't advise people to get married or not get married.

Sure prayer isn't religion. Any other fairy tales you would like to spin? I am an atheist, just who should I pray to, a computer? You didn't recommend meditation or consulting others with more experience, which he specifically asked for support groups, but you bitched he wasn't married first and said he should pray and his head wasn't right.

I am still standing with my assertion of all of it.


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Marriage before children offers no guarantee of a successful relationship or parenting. I will restrict my response to your prayer comment and just tell you that another's religion is none of your business. OP came in looking for support and encouragement and you came off as judgemental.


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When I was married, we discussed home schooling because we lived in an area that still had many traitor statues and we weren't all together trusting of the schools. However, I have engineering degree and wife chemistry/toxicology degrees, so I think we could handle it.