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As it turns out, paying people to pick up and deliver food to one person at a time is expensive when you live in the US and even the smallest order requires several miles of driving. Obviously the miscellaneous fees are misleading but the plan from day one was to raise prices in order to actually become profitable.


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Dollar stores like this are part of the trap that keeps people impoverished. They offer stuff that is a little bit cheaper, but way worse quality or quantity. So many items are actually cheaper at a grocery store, but of course many Americans live in food deserts where they can't get transportation to a real store. Dollar stores tend to be understaffed, so even in the unlikely situation that the managers aren't being malicious, there aren't enough people to watch the register and clean up the shelves. Stores that have "price mistakes" like this should be ordered to honor the lowest price advertised and pay 10x what they scammed in fines.


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Can't they just shut off the breakers, or some other manual override? I can't imagine there's an actual physical problem forcing the lights on. If I had to guess, I'd say doing so voids a warranty or some terms or service and some random administrator doesn't want to do that, instead wasting thousands of dollars a month.


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The last thing I want in a search engine is ChatGPT. It only gives you one answer that is a mix of other answers found online. There's no guarantee that it's coherent or correct and you can't even check a different search result to get a second answer. This may be of some use if it could actually give correct answers all of the time, or at least not confidently say an incorrect answer.