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Accutane is nasty stuff, while I am thankful for it, it was hell while I was on it and it caused permanent astigmatism in my eyes, almost 20 years later my left eye continues to degrade.

Still worth it.


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I don't know enough about booze to know what's worth the extra cost, but I know generally the more expensive stuff tends to be better (for example: I prefer Johnnie Walker Black label over Red label), and one of my rules of drinking is that if you can't afford to drink the good stuff you can't afford to drink.

What I consider the good stuff my be questionable, but the gist of it is that if I am factoring in the cost of alcohol in my buying decision I should not be spending money on alcohol.


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speed calculations can be a bit funky based on a lot of factors. you also have to think about what the servers on the other end can provide, it's usually not as fast as you would think.


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Have you looked into a local WISP, (Wireless ISP) they use different tech then cellular (usually) and specialize in rural areas. Should be able to get you in the 15-25 MBPS range.


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Also remember that past about 150mbps you are not going to utilize those speeds unless you have several devices pulling data at once, like multiable TVs streaming 4k content When I worked at an ISP my desktop had a full 10Gbps connection to the internet (for testing), and user experience was not any different than the 100Mbps I had at home. Most services will not serve you data at more than a few megabits a second, even big cloud services.


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Coffee filters are amazing for cleaning electronics too. Absorbent, strong, just the right amount of abrasiveness, AND LINT FREE. I use them on my glasses, lenses and even fiber optics in a pinch.

It also helps that they are stupid cheap, and available everywhere. There are stacks of them in every home and office and can be bought at just about any supermarket or convenience store.