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I’ll add only that if one does demographic analysis of voters in 2020, I believe Trump increased his vote in every single category over 2016 and even over 2012 for the GOP candidate except for suburban white women, who went hard for Biden. (Seeing as he couldn’t go hard for them.)

I don’t think Hitler had that broad of a demographic appeal.

You can have the last word.


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I’m willing to take that risk for the sake of (attempted) objectivity. I don’t see things in black and white. My wife, a Trump fan, does. Most of my friends, Biden fans, do.

I’d argue that Trump did some good, even if I do have to hunt for it. It’s equally undeniable that Trump created an existential threat.

I don’t think I’m a fan for seeing the good and bad in someone’s time in office. I’m a realist.


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Made more or less together.

You don't make real chili (which I take a long time on; several hours of simmering and tons of spices). Brown the onions and garlic; brown the meat and throw in a couple spices, then add the other ingredients and simmer. I also finished it under the broiler.

So to answer your question more directly -- :)) -- you make a super simple and not spicy chili first and then put everything else in and cook together. The flavors do work well together.