SandbagStrong t1_iy04nzx wrote

Hey doofus. Just a heads-up. You invented time travel. It's not as cool as it sounds.

Travelling back in time gives you massive diarrea. The further you travel back, the worse it gets! You should've seen that time you visited the dinosaurs, Woo-Wee! Oh right, you ARE going to see that. Might as well bring a couple of toilet rolls and clean underwear!

All kidding aside, you're going to do great, kid. Life has its ups and downs. It won't be easy but you'll hang in there! (I just KNOW you will, hehe.)

You'll get married to a beautiful wife, get kids, have your own lab, invent time travel... You won't be a too shabby polka dancer too! Well, you did learn from Anna Slezáková, the ORIGINAL polka mistress.

Just one last tip, always bring a towel (and some clean underwear!)




SandbagStrong t1_ixu1jb4 wrote

There's some typos in there but I loved the tax evasion angle! I thought it was really funny.

>to an eldrich entity
>the riddges of your brain
>and grey (?) then came into focus
>"in front of you" instead of "infront of you"
>knowning smirk


SandbagStrong t1_ixu0xsl wrote

It's just a lightning storm. That happened at the exact same time I read that strange word in the soup. Was it written in Cyrillic? Japanese? Korean?

I don't know.

I don't even remember the word.

The walls are bleeding, a noise is coming from under the table, the lights go out. Wasn't it still day outside?

Something touches my leg.

I look down. There's nothing there.

I feel something at the back of my head. I touch it.

There's nothing there.

I hear a door opening, I look back.

There's nothing there.

The walls aren't bleeding. There's light outside.

I'm home.