SarahAlicia t1_jad52qo wrote

We have machine knitting but people still knit. We have machine made pottery but people still hand make pottery. We will have AI writing but people will still write.


SarahAlicia t1_j67cwo8 wrote

About 3 weeks ago i saw a “protest” with 10 people and 20 cops just standing around “just in case”. Truly such a waste of money. They cannot stand the idea of free speech. They have to meet unarmed protesters with double the numbers and guns. Absolute leeches on our economy.


SarahAlicia t1_j67cevb wrote

Great so my tax money is being spent paying these guys OT so they can put some bricks next to their car to make a protest “violent” and to jail 3 people and for court for 3 people and they are going to spend way more than the amount needed to replace a windshield to line their pockets. Not to mention the millions we have to pay to cover the settlements for their recreational murders which is the reason people protest in the first place. Oh and they closed down a public space, grand central, further inconveniencing me. These pigs suck the city dry.