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Take a new picture, encode info, destroy original picture so no one can compare it.

Or if the process requires comparison of the original you could simply use wily different methods of sending the original and the doctored image. Send both via sneaker net and thumb drives with self destruct buttons.

But the main one being don’t let the same people see the good and doctored image for comparison.


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I don’t know why this got downvoted, this is actually a really solid answer for cheap piston compressors. Ring blowby and a lot of pressure behind the oil cap or air / oil shooting out the breather is a sure sign of ring failure. You check used car engines like this too.

You can also check the valves to make sure they are sealing properly.

Ex car mechanic, current industrial mechanic here. I work with big boy compressors.


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A lot of the American licensing is already a joke.

In Canada it takes around 4 years to get a Red Seal in various trades. The courses are tough. Drop below 70% in any subject and you fail. Fail twice and you are done. Plough through a 18-24” high stack of material in 8-10 weeks (per year) then log 6600 hours under a licensed journeyman. When you are finished you are a highly knowledgable professional capable of pulling in a high 5 low 6 figure income.

If you are smart enough, you may be allowed into trades.

I got my American ASE Master technician with a speciality in advanced engine performance in 2 weekends. Technicians are often incompetent, standards are low and there is a reason no one trusts used cars.

The attitude seems to be ‘you are too dumb to work in a cubicle so I guess go into trades.


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Under-volt the fans so they run quieter. If 12v fans, try 5-8V and see how the sound is.

Just repurpose old wall warts. Get a cheap dc/dc converter if they are too high. You can also buy adjustable voltage universal wall warts and dial in the voltage (fan speed) that you like. Make sure it has a amperage rating of 0.3 A or higher. Higher is fine. Lower is not fine.


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Oh, and make sure you completely ignore those sounds until after you get back from the mechanic. Then you can return and scream your mechanic because it’s his fault.

And the mechanics boss can take the car for a test drive, take the golf ball put of the trunk, throw it at the customer and tell them to get the fuck out of my shop. Which is funny as hell coming from a 4 foot nothing old man.

I don’t miss that trade. Robots don’t complain.

Clean your fucking car out BEFORE you take it to a mechanic. Especially for a squeak and rattle complaint. Maybe clean the outside and look at all the scrapes and dents too. Because we didn’t do that to your car either. Smart shops film every car on the way in now.


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You can always keep the furnace ducting with a undersized heat pump then put in a secondary system in the bedrooms to do temperature control in those upstairs rooms. One head per room. Bedroom temperature control is so nice for quality of life. That will take the load off the central unit.

A pro can tell you more. Ask about creative solutions. Or maybe you can move enough air and it doesn’t matter.