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You'd be surprised.

Sure, I can't be too blunt about it, but if my manager makes my life difficult, then I'm not going to do the thousand little things I usually do to ease their path.

One example not too long ago was that a task wasn't communicated to me by my manager so my manager skipped about 3 levels of authority to tell a high-level manager that I wasn't doing my job and that was why her projects were doing poorly.

So I just...stopped smoothing over her breaches in policy and picking up her slack. I didn't do anything, I just stopped doing things she'd never asked me to do, and never knew I did. It ended with her losing major points with the people she'd talked to about me, having another resource allocated to her projects (because I was already 100% booked), and her having to take on all the blame for the stuff she screwed up on.

Tit for tat isn't always as straightforward as it sounds.


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Reply to Scariel by me by OwneTrick

I take it back. I'd much prefer her being black lol. 90s Ariel got that dessication drip.


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I used to do Minecraft roleplaying back in the day. I just typed out a page of Call of Cthulu and apparently my typing speed is around 110 WPM still. When really trying, I can get it to around 120.


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Ordinarily I'd go ":( )".

This time...It fits and looks visually distinct from the usual gaping mouth I see on here. Well done! I'd recommend adding a little wear and tear to the buttons, to match the raggedness of her collar.


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There are only so many hours in the day. Most people have too many other responsibilities to be able to think scientifically about everything.

I'm trained as a scientist and understand the nature of science better than most. I don't use a scientific mindset for everything, because that requires a great deal of thought, data collection, and background investigation.

I'll let experts in economics or geopolitics or computer science dictate my reality in areas of expertise. Not because I can't just figure it out for myself, but because that will take hundreds of hours to even get to a point where I can begin to have an educated opinion.


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Do bear in mind that the history of science is extremely political and driven by "Big Money". All the way from philosophers like Plato and Aristotle all the way through proto-scientists like Tycho and Darwin into the 19th/20th centuries with "scientific" justifications for things like sexism and classism.

It didn't end then. Now you've got bloated bureaucratic institutions that are far more about money than about science, with no end of people willing to trade scientific rigor for better odds at tenure by pursuing the "right" lines of questioning or failing to address certain implications of their research.

That isn't to say science is an unworthy pursuit, or that modern scientists are all corrupt or that the institutions don't do a lot of good. IMO it's the highest calling a person can pursue even in the present circumstances. That doesn't make modern scientific institutions or their practitioners beyond reproach, however.


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My childhood best friend has this condition. He wanted to be a marine biologist...but biology and marine biology in particular is not friendly to people with limited mobility. You just can't do most of the things that make you a biologist if you can't use both hands and both legs.

So he ended up working a help desk job and living with his parents. It's a condition that took so much away from him, and I'm so pleased that it looks like we might have a feasible treatment finally.

I've done work in embryology and genetic disorders, and if you'd asked me 10 years ago about spina bifida, I'd never have imagined we'd see something like this in my lifetime.