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This comic is bogus.

There's no way this guy is JUST NOW getting the 5 days in a row without a bath achievement.


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I actually got my WfH job in 2019. Although my company is out of Wellesley. We just opened an office in Cambridge but I have yet to hear anything about it. I feel like no one works in there either and is more for business managing when we have audits and meetings and the like.

Once I got my job, covid didn't effect me at all. Was WfH before. Still WfH today.


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Where specifically will you be staying around in Boston? If Back Bay, the Marriott in the Prudential Center has a bathroom on the second floor behind the Starbucks. I use this bathroom all the time. There are others around as well, but this one is my go-to. Always clean and in the hub of the area.


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I'm trans (and bi) as well. I've worked as a volunteer of BAGLY back in 2017 (an LGBT youth group) and I'll say, I don't feel safer going anywhere else than this state. I love Massachusetts.

BAGLY was so closely tied with the Massachusetts government.... and they are run by a trans woman. I remember Elizabeth Warren marching with us in the Pride Parade. It was pretty rad. Our voting has only gotten more blue and the only changes I think that would occur would be at the national level.

We have a hospital here that is pretty much an LGBT hospital, not that all the hospitals here aren't. Fenway Health prides itself on being an LGBT healthcare facility, and it's really cool too.

The MassTPC (Trans political coalition) is a group that fights for our rights. Back when I came out 7-ish years ago, I kept in contact with the trans guy who ran it, and he helped me get the help I needed to transition. I marched with then in Pride one year and they had Sonia Chang-Diaz marching with us.... lesser known at a global level, but another state politician. The massTPC are a great resource for us and are very supported by the state.

First Event is a transgender convention we have in this state too, where people all over come, speak, and support one another.

My own personal experience has been that I go into Boston every so-amount of Tuesdays and I've never had any issues. Ever thankfully. When it comes down to it, we might be non-talkative assholes here, but we aren't hateful. I feel very comfortable here and I thank everyone that makes Massachusetts an amazing state.

Lastly, lol at the housing situation. I do hope you can afford it. This state's housing problem does kill the hope of a lot of migrating people to move here. It's very expensive.


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See, this is one of those things that just make me wonder why. I have been reading everyone else's opinions in here and yeah, I get some points, but this is just how I see it. Like, needless traffic just to get to the store across the way, and yeah, I have definitely seen (and done so myself) people getting into cars on one end and driving to the other.

I dunno. I really wish it was all inverted with the cars on the parimeter..... or atleast put a skybridge or two across the lot. I'd love to see how the world would be laid out of cars were never the ideal when these things were built. More rapid transit would be amazing. More catering to your average walker.


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I myself, am trans. I'm more terrified to go anywhere in any red state than I would feel probably going to many other parts of the world that I should feel less safe in.

I guess at your point since the only level of minority status you have is being female, you'd just have to hope you don't get raped somewhere. Otherwise, you'd be forced to carry any child forced upon you.


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No one really leaves because they hate it here. They leave because they are forced out. The red states are cheaper because no one wants to live in them. Massachusetts like others, offers opportunities for career development and growth. Self investment. Higher earnings. Etc.

The more free and beneficial the state, the more expensive it is because more people want to be there.