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You said your BIL is on call. Cath lab? OR? PACU?

You need to understand that working conditions vary greatly from unit to unit. If you are a med surg nurse with 8 high acuity patients, you cannot provide good care. If you are an ER nurse with 2 dozen patients (or whatever bullshit ratio Mt. Sinai prides itself on because it purports to be so "hardcore"), you cannot provide good care. If you are an ICU nurse with 3 patients on vents, you cannot provide good care. Moreso if you have no ancillary support staff like CNAs.

Most of us will be hospitalized at some point in our lives. What's going on right now impacts all of us. Do you want to be in the hospital under the care of nurses who can't possibly keep up with their workload, who are burnt out from dealing with admin who don't give a shit?


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Same thing happened to me last year in NYC. Although my shiner healed within a few weeks, the PTSD took quite a bit longer to diminish and so did the anger at the NYPD for refusing to pursue it in spite of clear security camera footage (in fairness though, I think the NYPD precinct was merely acting on the ADA's direction and felt that their hands were tied). Hope your girlfriend makes a recovery from the trauma, physical and emotional. It's a terrible thing to be subjected to.