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To add: many newcomers are also looking a simpler lifestyle with more remote-work options available. And for Medical needs, Maine is the equivalent of This Old House. As far as location, the further north or west of Portland you go, housing will be more affordable. And definitely a need for You, whatever you decide on. Welcome, and good luck!


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One fact to remember with the variety of responses to the healthcare field: Maine has THE oldest population in the country. A higher percentage of old folks than FL, AZ or anywhere else. That won’t change, even with the post-pandemic influx looking for cheaper real estate (which is why building trades is mentioned here so much)


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Wow, flashback. Very prevalent around me in 60’s/70’s and only in Maine. Also assumed Fr/Can from va . Older me saw Oi Vey connection, which doesn’t make much sense for Maine. So I just looked up the German equivalent for the Yiddish word. And… Germans use O weh (which is of Dutch origin) and means “Ouch!” Which…. is exactly what I often heard in France. Ai is for sharp pain, A-wah for anything irritating. The Dutch Weh word lives on in English: a half-century ago in Maine when my big sister told me ”Ah-Vah!” she was actually saying ”Woe is You!”