Scharfschutzen t1_j5y9bfj wrote

I ordered a pair of HD700 on eBay. The seller had 100% feedback over many years, including lots of audio products.

He didn't ship the headphones for weeks and kept going back and forth, using COVID as an excuse. Finally he sent me an HD700 box but it had a pair of SHP-9500 in them. Got a refund and ended up finding another pair of HD700 for $50 cheaper.


Scharfschutzen t1_j5tlwjc wrote

Idk I fucking love mine. I have the GW100 and they are super (mid)bassy, almost too much. That's coming from a basshead. GR60 at low volume are nice though.

My favorite aspect is how lightweight they are. More comfy than Koss, dare I say, but I stretched my headband out so they just rest on the ears. I 3D printed replacement cups which half the weight. I throw them around, drop them on the floor, toss them at my cat when she doesn't listen, etc lol.


Scharfschutzen t1_is56vsn wrote

If we all loved the same thing, the world would be boring. I probably would have said the same thing about my headphones 15 years ago. As I mature (so does my hearing, for the worse), my taste changes. He'll come around eventually lol.