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How large does something have to be, though, before tidal forces can be destructive? Sure, something the size of the Earth can experience, well... tides... But down at human size how much can the difference between the force on your head and your feet really be? Is it just a function of the immensity of the overall force? And if the underlying force is that immense, might it distort space itself enough to limit the actual effect experienced on the occupying matter?


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I think the Medal of Honor was the only medal for gallantry the US had before WWI, so it required a bit less distinction back then -- it could be awarded for a range of actions that might only be worth a Bronze Star today. I wonder how he'd ended up in Hong Kong to enlist in the first place.


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I agree. I had a similar railing (in a house constructed in the mid-'70s, I guess anchoring railings in drywall was the style back then), and I cut a portion out of the dry wall to put a cross piece between the rafters behind it, then anchored the railing to the cross piece and restored the drywall.