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I Look down at the ring Izzy is holding in her hand, beaming with happiness. I can feel that it is silver, the smell is burning my nostrils.

“Yes“, I answer her, “I would love to marry you.” My fiancée gives me the biggest smile and holds the ring forward with expectation. “Don’t you wanna put it on?” I take her hands, careful as not to touch the ring. “I would really love to, dear, but I am allergic to silver. I get red and itchy, it’s terrible.“

”Oh no!” Izzy looks at me in shock. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I laugh. “Well, in day to day life I can get around by simply not touching silver things. To be honest it didn’t occur to me.” Izzy nods. ”I guess that makes sense.” She looks down at the ring, I can see a shadow of disappointment in her eyes.

”Look”, I tell her. “The ring really is beautiful but I can’t wear it. So how about you wear it and then we’ll get me a matching ring that’s made from a material my skin can deal with?” “Yeah we could do that.” Izzy smiles, and then carefully puts back the ring into the box. “I still have the sketches I made for the ring, so we can use them on yours. We’re just lucky our ringfingers are the same size.” I laugh and kiss her on the head. “Yes, we are.”

And I am lucky silver allergies are a real thing, I think to myself as I contemplate how I will deal with my fiancée wearing a silver ring.


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When Mister Snickers first came back after being away for 17 days and 5 hours (yes I counted), I was relieved and happy. He had lost weight over the time he was gone and his fur wasn’t as shiny s always. But he was back and that was all that mattered. The next day when I came home from work I saw Mister Snickers sit on my porch. It confused me, as I thought I had kept him inside for the day. Also the collar I had put on him was missing. But heaven knows cats do weird things, so I took him inside. Imagine my surprise when I found Mister Snickers, with his cute little blue collar, sitting in the kitchen waiting to be fed. Even though I am a big cat lover, I did the responsible thing and called animal services to let them know I had found a cat. They told me no cat matching that description was missing. As my new visitor was cute, looking like Mister Snickers after all, I decided to keep him. I gave him a red collar, and in that moment I was happy I always had spare collars lying around. I named the newcomer Mr Twix.

As I was sitting in my armchair and reading that evening, I observed the two cats. They looked identical except for the collar. That and, upon closer inspection, I found that Mister Twix‘s white patch under the chin was just a tad bit more triangular. The two cats seemed to get along great.

The next morning, a Saturday, I woke up early for my morning run. Great weather. Back at home I found yet another cat on my porch. Looking like Mister Snickers and Mister Twix. I took him in and he quickly made himself at home. My other two cats seemed weirdly calm with him, both sitting in the kitchen and watching the new cats every move. I took the last collar I had, a green one, and gave it to the new cat, alongside with naming him Mister Peanut. His patch had edges just a little bit more defined than Mister Twix, but still, looking at the three cats together from more than twenty centimetres the only difference was their collars.

On Sunday the next cat showed up. It was at this point that I started questioning my sanity. After all, what is the chance of four almost identical cats coming four days in row? I didn’t have a collar anymore so I gave the new cat an old bracelet if mine and named him January. Even though I honestly hoped there would be no more mysterious cats appearing, I decided to make a few collars for potential use. And I took a Picture of each cat.

The next day another cat showed up. And the following day. It has now been 34 days since Mister Snickers came back and I have 34 seemingly identical cats roaming my house. I have no idea what is happening, why the cats keep showing up, or why they all seem identical besides their chon patch which gets sharper with every cat. Gradually, yes, but comparing Mister Snickers to Thursday I could actually tell a difference (after I went through all twelve months I switched to weekdays, not wanting to just number the cats. Following this I started with the periodic table, I mea no way there will be over a hundred cats, right?).
Something I still can’t quite wrap my head around is how the cats don’t seem to be that hungry. Sure, I now go through three cans of canfood instead of the one Mister Snickers would eat, but how to 34 cats share only three cans?

On day fourty - cat‘s name is Argon - something seems to be up with the cats. When o make myself dinner they’re all sitting around in one big circle, watching me eat. It is a bit creepy, so I raise my eyebrows at Mister Snickers and ask him what kind of catconvention this is.

“I’m bringing my brothers from dying universes over.“ I almost spit my food out. Did my cat just talk to me? I must be going crazy, seriously insane. “Yes, I can talk now“, tells me Mister Snickers. “Holy Shit.” Is all I manage to answer. March steps forwards. “We’re sure you are very confused about what’s going on now. Fourth cats and all.” I nod, too stunned to speak. “Across the multiverse people have bee building portals for travel”, Nitrogen takes over. “The issue arises from their instability. Some pretty nasty people have been abusing the portals to hop universes but when they break the space-time-continuum to often every jump makes the universe they travel to unstable.“
I have forty talking cats, and there is multiverse travel. Oh my. ”That’s where I first disappeared”, Mister Snickers chimes in again. “I went across the multiverse and met other versions of myself.” His tail twitches at all the other cats. “Cats travel the multiverse quite often, but I unfortunately got stuck in one so it took me longer to get back. Anyway a few of the ones o visited were unstable, so I told my other me-s they could come here if needed.“ The cats meow in agreement. “We didn’t all mean to come here and burden you, but we can locate each other. The more of us in one place, the higher the chance others will follow.” Mister Peanut takes over. “We are looking for a pocket cat dimension to which we ca travel, and we’re pretty sure we’ve found it. But we need to be 47 to get there.“ “Is that so”, is all I can answer. I look at Mister Snickers and finally manage a proper sentence: “Does that mean you’ll leave me?” My cat jumps onto the table and looks me into the eyes. “No, I won’t leave. You‘re my human after all. But eight more cats will come so 47 can travel. After that no more cat masses.” “We thank you for your hospitality“, some cat — I think it’s either Monday or August — says. “We know it isn’t easy with this many cats. But in eight days we will be complete, and then you’ll never see of us again. Single cats might travel though here to get to us, but Mister Snickers will guide them.” “That’s nice of you”, I say and pet my cat. “Yes.” He purrs.

Eight more days until alternate versions of cat can travel to a pocket dimension. Whelp, at least I can’t say my life’s boring right now.


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I smiled at the sound of Marthlok‘s voice. The knights had ”rescued” me a few hours ago when Marthlok had flown out to get some food because I was craving apples. For some reason those idiots took Marthlok’s absence as an invitation to break into our cave and kidnap me, while trying to assure me I was safe from the monster. So here I was now, stuck in some dumb guy‘s castle. I had tried explaining the mixup, but unfortunately no one knew sign language.

I could hear men screaming, orders, war cries. Their ignorance didn’t surprise me now. I walked towards the next window, wanting to see what was going on outside. One guy had stepped forward, his sword up high, shouting at Marthlok how they would never release me.

I touched the amulet around my neck and locked my eyes on Marthlok, trying to focus. ‘I’m here’, I told him. Still hovering above the grounds Marthlok looked up to me and nodded.“You are foolish men, for you try to meddle with things you don’t understand.“ Marthlok‘s voice was deep and clear. "And now you don’t even try to talk to me but want to fight. All I asked for is to get my human back. Shame.” With a strong beat of his wings Marthlok knocked all the guys over. I smiled. More guards came running out, trying to shoot arrows, just to be knocked off their feet by Marthlok flapping his wings. Finally he flew up to my window. “Stand away there for a second”, he advised me, before ripping out a piece of wall. I climbed over the rubble towards the dragon. ‘I’m glad you came’, I signed and swung onto Marthlok’s back. “Of course. Now come on, let’s go home before the apples rot.”


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„Do you know how long I worked on this?“ I shoot my little sister a furious look. „Three fucking weeks. Five fucking weeks, I need to turn it in tomorrow. You ruined it in five minutes.“ My sister sobs. „I’m sorry“, she cries while trying to pick up the broken pieces of my sculpture. „I didn’t intend to…. I didn’t….“ I close my eyes and slowly open them again. „Get out“, I tell her quietly. She quickly complies. Having closed the door I sit down to think. The house sculpture isn’t something I could just redo. I might glue the big pieces together but… I look up. Of course. Genius. Glue it up and put the other pieces infront of it. Old buildings crumble, with some luck Miss Hunter will support this style. I need to try. Not like there’s something else I could do.