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On planets or the moon: Underground. Dirt and rocks make for good radiation shielding. On spacecraft that fly for long (such as to Mars) probably water tanks. Water is also an ok radiation shield. Not as good as a dense metal, but it's also something you will need to bring anyways.

There is also an electromagnetic radiation shield NASA is working on. I think there were some news on it about a year or so ago.


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I think this game suffered from being a big change in the series. Since Sands of Time, the core mechanic of the series way the time manipulation with the sand.

In Warrior Within and The Two Thrones it was the acrobatic combat on top of that.

This game did away with both of those mechanics, and it was mainly a platformer/puzzle. Combat in particular, one of the two main things in the series since the og 2D game took a massive back seat.


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  1. That is due to the centrifugal force due to the rotation of the Earth, and not the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

  2. Only 1/3rd of that 0.5% is due to the centrifugal force, the rest is due to the oblateness putting you about 21km further from the center of the earth when on the equator vs the poles.

I think both of these effects would be smaller, as the planet is likely tidally locked, making it's rotation slower than Earth, which also makes the equatorial bulge smaller.


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I would say a decade of warning minimum. Getting any space mission off the ground takes years, and you want your deflection event to be as far out as possible. The flight time from launch to impact is also probably around a year on top as well.

But the good thing is that we don't necessarily need to scale up in size for a bigger rock. One impactor of a size we can launch on a current rocket can't get it done? No problem, send 10, or 100. The cost of the craft is going to be negligible on these, all it needs to have is a chunk of mass, some avionics, and an engine for course adjustments. All of these already exist, so you don't need to invent anything new. The biggest cost item is going to be the launch vehicles.