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Terry Bloom was a happy child, with living parents and a stable home, but the whole town avoided him like the plague.

Indeed, Terry had not been gifted by life. He had a cleft lip, a lazy eye, flat feet, and 9 fingers on each hand. Because of his peculiar appearance, he did not have many friends, and was often blamed for every bad thing happening around him.

However, he did not let this affect him, and decided to become a firefighter. Through extensive training, he managed to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, a particularly feisty apartment fire left him disfigured.

He was in a worse place than before socially, even though he only had gotten burned because he saved two children, stuck behind a fallen closet.

He was fired, because people could not trust him anymore, and started wearing a mask and a wide hat, so people wouldn't make fun of his face anymore.

One day, as he was wandering aimlessly, he sat on an empty bench. He heard the man next to him ask him : "What do you wish ?"

Certain that it was a trick due to fatigue, he jokingly said : "I wish the town was right about me, and that I actually brought misfortune with me. Maybe then, they'll understand how hard I had it."

"Very well", said the man. Terry looked next to him to find the bench empty, so he didn't think much of it.

Going back into town, some children walking with their mothers started mocking Terry, while their parents acted oblivious. Terry felt great despair, and hoped, just a tiny bit, that his encounter on the bench was real.

And then, it happened. A nearby car crashed into the children and their mothers, without any apparent reason. The driver, getting out of the vehicle, started looking for survivors while profusely apologizing.

But his gaze changed when he saw Terry. He called him a freak, and blamed the loss of his car on him. Terry looked at him through his mask, and it happened again. The car blew up, knocking the man to the ground, bleeding.

Nobody knows what happened to Terry after that, but it is said that if you see a man with nine fingered hands walking into town, get prepared to have a bad day, misfortune is coming.


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Every friday night, Mr Robinson took the elevator bringing a new woman up to his apartment.

Every saturday morning, Mr Robinson took the elevator alone, to go down to his car, to work.

He lived on the 12th floor of the apartment block on Mileland Road.

One day, after word got out that the women never did, the police came to investigate.

They asked the landlord for the key to Apartment n°617, on the 12th floor.

"There's no 12th floor", said the landlord.

Upon entering the elevator, the police was forced to realize that Indeed, there was no 12th floor. They left, and Mr Robinson was never heard of again.

But it is said that sometimes, when a woman enters the elevator on a friday night, another button appears, labeled 12.

Pressing this button, will lead you to a room, filled with women, not a single one alive. And getting out of the elevator, you will be followed by Mr Robinson.

On saturday morning, he will take the elevator alone.


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A common occurence in the 13th century, was that homeless children would train rats, making them perform various tricks, in order to get money to live.

The rats often could jump, roll, somersault, and even more, but for the most wonderful trick of all, the child would tie the rats tails together, and the rats would skillfully untie them.

This went on for a few decades, with new children teaching new tricks to new rats, but none of the tricks being as impressive as the tail untying.

One day, a rat taming child arrived at a popular village of eastern Europe. She displayed her rats, and their tricks days after days, but not the best one, planning to leave it for last.

Unfortunately, a few days later, an illness plagued the village, and many people died from it. Due to the disease carrying nature if the small rodent, the girl's rats were blamed, and the townsfolk had decided to execute her.

Pleading for her life, she manage to make a deal with the people, if she could prove that her rats were under control by performing the tail untying trick, she would be set free, and allowed to leave the town. If not, her, and her rats would be executed.

She made all the necessary preparations, and ordered her rats in a masterful manner, but when came the moment to untie the tails, the rats did not perform as expected.

She was utterly defeated in front of this unexpected turn of events, and was powerless as the townsfolk dragged her to the town centre, and killed her, followed by cheers and cries of joy.

The rumor that rat taming children were spreading disease, spread itself, ironically, faster than any pathogen. In the whole civilised world, people were killing those children.

It is said that now, their souls wander in search of rats who can perform this trick. Sometimes, for no apparent reasons, rat will jump around, roll around, and do all sorts of tricks, before having their tails tied together. Sadly, they always fail to do the trick and free themselves, and end up dying of hunger, unable to get away


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Have you ever wondered how deep is the history of criminal families ?

Just like the royal families, the families involved in organized crime have deep roots, going all the way back to the Era of Gods, where we the weather forecast was the God of the Skies.

The biggest, and most important households of the ancient world all had something in common. Amongst all the gods of their respective Pantheon, the lesser ones would offer advice, and protection to their name, as long as it was worshipped

A young man of Greek origin named Hyppolitos, made it his life's purpose to dismantel the powerful families acting in the shadows to make the World spin in their direction. He had conviction like no other, and his determination brought down many well known names, forever condemning them to never bé spoken again.

But, as perfect as his righteous intent was, the consequences of Hyppolitos' actions were always detrimental to the weak. He had failed to notice how deep the crime families were involved, and had made the wrong choices again and again.

Bringing down powerful royals and nobles also crippled the gods they worshipped, and Hyppolitos could not escape those consequences. For each god who lost their worshippers, he had to endure the burden of being their sole follower. That burden grew and grew, and grew until he decided to stop, having lost sight of his initial purpose.

Over time, with the spread of monotheism, the remaining families lost their advisor gods, and grew to become the mafias and other criminal organizations of today.

But it is said that on the outskirts of a city of the old world, the spirit of Hyppolitos, the worshippers of a myriad of gods, is sitting in prayer, to satisfy all the gods he is bound to. He will, however, only reveal itself and advise powerful leaders, and members of criminal families.

May fate have Mercy on the enemies of those who followed his council...


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Decades ago, the entire country was terrorised by a serial killer.

What scared people wasn't the horrofic ways by which his victims died, the fact that he made his crimes known but was still running rampant, or the apparent randomness in the choice of the poor souls that had fell in his grasp.

No, what truly frightened the people, was that despite having made over 100 victims publicly, none of them had been found.

The identity of this killer, was nobody. He was not a person. He was not even a normal creature. This entity was evil personified, or else called Satan.

Growing bored of receiving and punishing guilty souls, he craved the blood of the innocent. He found a person at random, and enacted the most horrible acts of torture on them, just before killing them.

Using his otherworldly capabilities, he designated dumpsters, in which he dumped the body. Bodies dumped in the chosen dumpsters were to be never seen on the surface of the Earth.

His last murder was different, though. He had accidentally gotten a rotten soul, an awful individual. Getting no pleasure in killing him, and not wanting to reiterate this mistake, the prince of evil left the Earth to sit back on his throne.

But a dumpster had already been chosen, the one by the abandoned bakery just before 167th avenue. Sadly, without a body to dump, it is condemned to send everything that is left in it to the depths of hell.

For the rest of eternity, there will be a pathway to hell in the alleyway between Bermuda street and Amelia street.