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You've made it clear that you cannot answer my question. My numbers come from FBI crime data. They're correct.

And I'm not sure why you need me to repeat myself. I said that poverty is a big part of the story here, but that there are other factors at play, which the data makes very obvious.

I'm sorry you're unable to see that.


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Wow, ok. I don't think you understand how statistics work.

Explain to me why Baton Rouge, which has higher poverty than Baltimore proportionally, has lower crime that Baltimore proportionally. Baton Rouge has more poverty, so by your logic, more areas of the city have low income, so there should be more crime. But, in fact, there's 40+% LESS crime! Make that make sense...


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It's not, and I just gave you the data to prove it.

Obviously poverty is a factor, but it is far from the only one, as you suggest. There must be a reason that Baton Rouge has more poverty and less crime. There must be a reason San Diego has below average poverty, but above average violent crime rates. It is unavoidable that there are regional, historical, cultural, and other factors at play here. Refusing to address any of those while we wait for this country's economic system to magically become more fair is to permit more unnecessary slaughter.


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Is it the SoBo Peninsula Post scavenger hunt? Are the answers specific to the peninsula? I'm guessing you need to find a park with a dedication plaque that has the name of someone with those initials on it.


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I hear what you're saying, and I'm not disagreeing, but there's definitely a cultural element to this as well. Denver has something like 150 breweries. I obviously don't expect Baltimore to ever even approach that level, but still, it's not like all 150 are good.


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Yikes. I have a hard time believing that particular batch was brewed as intended, but who knows? I once had a berry sour at a brewery in Frederick, and the dominant flavor was metal. I informed the staff, thinking that maybe there was some issue with their kegs or their lines. Their response was, "Oh, no, that's how it supposed to taste." Coincidentally, they also shut down within a couple of years.


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Holy shit this wasn't going where I expected it to. Your attitude is reprehensible. To just permanently write off an entire swath of the city's population (and by extension millions of Americans in similar situations) as beyond hope is vile and cold. I hope you're never in charge of any kind of policy. The cycle won't be easy to break, but the macroeconomics of this country don't really even allow for us to make a targeted, sustained effort. But that doesn't mean that will always be the case. These are people we're talking about, not unruly pets.


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It's mind-blowing how few elected officials will even attempt to address violent crime. They are perfectly fine to watch hundreds of people violently die in the streets as long as it doesn't impact their political futures. Honestly, when 5 CHILDREN were shot, their councilperson immediately sprung into action to...fine Popeyes. It's inhumane and unfathomable how little political will there is to fix this.