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I'd have thought the price difference was down to making sure the structure was suitable and capable. Admittedly materials and labour are also up a lot from a few years ago, but I'd have thought extending all the plumbing by an extra 12 feet wasn't a huge difficulty, just messy because you're having to tear out 2 sets of walls


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I find it quite astonishing that the Irish stereotype stuff continues, whilst every other one has been banned, cancelled or made a hate crime to so much as mention.

If you put posters up in your window portraying mexican/jewish/asian/etc racial stereotypes then you'd quickly have a brick thrown through it and the police turning up.

Yet somehow a Irish character who (as such) is portrayed as permentantly drunk and up for starting a fight is ok and on sale in most shops.


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- My point about the tile store was that vast swathes of the road are hardware places and the cycle lanes will remain a deathtrap to those unwilling to negotiate around semi-truck making a delivery. London tried throwing in some half-assed bike lanes (into its otherwise decent scheme) and those ones are super dangerous because they fool casual users into thinking that they're safe when they're far from.

- Trolleys? I would put them in the middle like Girard, leaving delivery space for all the commercial vehicles that by necessity need to park close to the curb. I would do a loop around a block at Broad St and have them turn onto Columbus, doing a loop around near Ikea. It would encourage a shit-ton of riverfront development and at that point any large projects being built south of Oregon would require the developer to chip into extending the line as a precondition to rezoning


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So blocking the cycle lane

Has anyone ever actually seen these bike lanes being used? I'm serious, half of a major arterial connection shut down for a bike lane. I live next to it and I think I've seen 3 bicycles in the last however months it's been since they did that work.

Nobody shopping at the tile+brick places uses a bike. Nobody buying produce for their restaurant is doing it via bike. Nobody travelling from 22nd street to Target is buying groceries on a bike

A trolley would have at least made sense, as would have a safe bike lane on Christian


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that's not quite true, places like Meredith (and nearby Nebinger these days) are pretty decent, although your mortgage payment will be so much higher that you may as well be paying school fees.

Except you'll build equity up and get that money back when you go to sell

If an area is expensive, it's almost entirely because the school is decent and there's competition from parents with kids to live in that area. It's why once an area starts to gentrify, it moves fast as incoming families mean that the school performs better which makes it more attractive still, in a positive feedback loop.


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His battlefield performance (or lack thereof) is almost forgivable because Robert E Lee was one of history's greatest opponents. But then to go into the election with the platform of negotiating a peace, effectively surrendering at the political level, is just gross negligence. A year after that election, Lincoln (and Sherman and Grant) had overwhelmingly won the war and ended slavery in the South. The North was always miles ahead on every metric when it came to whether the war was easily winnable; McClellan was either incompetent or maybe just way over-promoted but he certainly is *far* down the list of historical locals who should get a statue


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It means that busses could start showing up every day with literally thousands of people per month - that's what happened when New York openly invited cities in the south to send illegal migrants.

In a year's time we could very easily have the parkway looking like something out the third world with the city unable to either [a] house tens of thousands of encamped people [b] admit that the policy was a disaster because they'll be eviscerated by social media and canceled out of office by extremist supporters.

This city doesn't even have the funds to build a school with air conditioning, let alone help existing homeless residents. You think it has $100m lying around to build social housing to hand out to people it's inviting the south to bus in?

Ironically the migrants in NY have now been increasingly been leaving and heading north to Canada because even they have increasingly gotten fed up of the shantytowns, crime, drugs and public defecation


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When I moved here, listening to him and Ray Didinger on the radio taught me pretty much every I needed to know about the Philly sports scene. Some outspoken opinions sure, but I preferred him over everyone else on the station. I quite liked his ability to engage in conversation with everyone, on all topics, a few of the other presenters on WIP seem to have a style of expressing their onion for 20 minutes, then inviting callers on air and dismissing any opinion that isn't exactly what they just said, with the same talking points over and over again for an hour


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There are only 2 types of neighbourhood:

  1. Historically run down ones where everything gets built, as long as money is exchanged or someone's election is paid for

  2. Areas closer in where any development, of whatever kind, will be opposed.

I applied for a variance for my project, sent out close to a thousand letters as required, nobody showed up to meetings to object to my project and the QV association still recommended "no" although the ZBA approved it after I got signatures from literally everyone within 100 yards of the property supporting the scheme.


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I half expect him to show up in adverts wearing Philly sports gear next, despite likely being unable to name one of our teams let alone a starting player.

He has these billboards putting across a gross sense of entitlement, like people should choose him to get redress on their career-ending injury, simply because they spot words like "Jawn" on his ads and they (as blue collar workers who didn't go to law school like him) are presumably too dumb to know any better when it comes to picking an attorney.

Yet at the same time his radio ads are pretty serious, stressing the firm's size and reputation.

Either way, it seems jumbled, unprofessional and mismanaged: that alone would make go elsewhere if I needed representation.


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Given that they're almost all criminals killing other criminals. there's not too much to incentivize the police. If two meth dealers want to shoot each other over $30 then I'd say go right ahead.

Plus add in all the 'sniches get stiches' hood mentality, it's not like anyone's going to offer any help in naming suspects. Half the people in those area see the murders as a sign of a job well done, about their drug-selling crew showing how should be shown 'respec' for being such towering leaders of industry


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Sorry, I'm on vaca right now, not back till the new year

There seems to be quite a few variants on the hand unit for doing taps/showers with, I guess they're all about the same

For floors there seems to be more of a range, possibly because you might be doing a small apartment or you might be doing much larger place.

If you're uncertain you could try going the Craigslist route, then if it doesn't work out you can resell and it won't cost you anything other than time and a few bucks gas money


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Photograph everything. They will try to cut corners because it saves cost and boosts the profit margin on the project.

We had a hole-digging start next to our house before the new owner had even had the permits transferred to their name. I phoned up the previous owner who was shocked and surprised "They're already digging but under my company's name?", then he called someone he knew downtown and about 20 minutes later a Tony Soprano figure showed up to shut it down and post stop work orders. Despite this, 2 days later I videoed them taking the signs down and trying to recommence work claiming that they'd already paid for the permits last week - "yeah, but you don't have them yet" (at which point you can call the police)


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There's no need for cleaning with chemicals if you get yourself a steam cleaner (we have a mop one and also one that's a bit like a drill. Honestly, they lift any stains, it's like pressure cleaning the deck, except it's just blowing the beige/black out of grout lines. They do have high pressure modes but that's more for stubborn corners you can't reach, it's normally just hot steam and a brush, I've not bought bleach for years.


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Google can get you that very quickly. Just search "fintech king of prussia" and click on the Map view and see where they are. Note how in New York (or Miami or wherever) those sorts of companies set up in the last decade are based within the city, not. Those are literally 10s of thousands of jobs that should be wanting to move into a skyscraper that could be built on one of the many parking lots that are being turned into mid-size development student housing.

Manufacturing is a similar easy ask:

I speak as a transplant but when I bought a place here, I didn't realise that every single one of my interviews would involve driving 20 miles away. I work in Delaware, for a company whose CEO commutes from here.