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>The footage contains no audio of the conversation between the two.

Without the audio this feels a bit pointless. She does step away from him two times - and frankly just because she shook his hand doesn't really mean jack if she thought it was de-escalating the situation. I think without audio it's fairly impossible to know what happened there.


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This moron posted the video on his own company's Facebook page - he actually thought that was a good idea. His business got shredded, thankfully. Hope he doesn't get off with a slap on the wrist.

edit: Just gonna add that I love that they also charged him with carjacking, not just for the assault.


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There really isn't - I mean context is a real thing and it matters. They want to rewrite history. It's very weird to me. I'm white and I'm disgusted by what this country did. So what - it WAS disgusting. I will never understand the inability to state something so obvious.


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The only way I could imagine this was an accident is if he had some medical emergency, like a seizure or passed out. I really wanted that to be the case when this first happened but I guess they have ruled that out. What a horrific thing. So sorry for those poor young people.