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Roanoke Island as a whole doesn’t fluctuate nearly as much as the beach towns. It’s been busier here in the summer over the last 3 years, but in the winter you would never think of this as an “off season” resort town….just a sleepy small town. I actually live in/own the house my mother was born in. I mean she was literally born in the kitchen. I’ve been coming here for 60 years, and I’ve seen lots of changes.


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It “feels” like it’s been a bad year, but upon taking stock, it’s been pretty good. I had planned to retire in 2020, but that didn’t happen. I officially retired this year, with the option to teach a class here and there if I choose. I went from living 9 months of the year in Philly, and 3 months in Manteo, NC, to pretty much being full-time in Manteo now (although I’m writing this from my place in Philly). My kids both hit important milestones in their lives/careers and for the first time I feel like they can have pretty fulfilling lives at this point without any further financial support from me. I think I’ll continue to come back here on a regular basis because there are still so many things I love about the city…..mostly the food and drinks, the cultural communities, and just being able to walk around and see so many interesting things. I don’t miss Dodge Chargers and ATVs doing donuts on Delaware Ave.