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Epstein was reinvestigated because his sweetheart deal was found to violate similar victim's rights laws.

That's basically the point of these laws. To allow victims proper notice of these decisions and to exercise their rights. Keep in mind we're talking about a vacated conviction and not an acquittal. An appeal was always possible and the state could've avoided this by just giving them proper notice.


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Tl;dr: off duty cop tried to stop someone for driving recklessly and then shot them as they tried to get away.

The kicker might be him describing his intent as "a fatherly conversation" 🙄.

What bullshit. This fucker is going to keep doing it until someone dies.

E: shocked to say he abuses his own family. This guy is literally a giant pile of shit, wow

> Last March, Coventry police also arrested Dolan on domestic disorderly and vandalism charges. They charged that he grabbed his 10-year-old son by the neck and pushed him outside to get to school, then with the family in a car, threw a toy hard enough to break the windshield. Prosecutors dropped the charges days later.


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Yeah I'm basically saying he's not any more or less intelligent than your typical tech bro.

He's smart enough to know what he did was fraud/illegal, not nearly smart enough to get away with it. I think his ego was probably inflated to hell from all of the attention and press so he probably believed the wonderkid persona.


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>Also consider the increased flexibility that renting offers for relocating if necessary.

That's been a big one for me. I haven't lived in a single city for more than a few years the past decade. Buying just never made sense. Now home prices are so high it doesn't make sense. Somehow they went up like 50% in 2 years. How that's supposed to be sustainable is beyond me.


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Considering Russia invaded them in 2014, they'd probably want it a bit before feb lol.

I was mainly talking about China vs the US, though. I just mean NK isn't exactly much of a buffer for China anymore. Not only would their military fold like paper, we have a lot of capabilities that wouldn't even require us to step foot in NK if something crazy popped off.

Not to mention we've had US personnel deployed to 2 countries that share a border with China.