ScruffyWeeny42 t1_iuagzvv wrote

I totally get that the peice of shit that raped you and the peice of shit that justified it to your face are absolute filth, but that doesn't mean that all boys are, and that's how the title comes off to randos on reddit who don't know your personal experience.

Did not mean to offend, I was trying to say something along the lines of what you said:

>it’s to make people as sick as i was when i was told that in response to me being raped.

You explained it in a better way than I tried to, I just meant, your shocking and attention grabbing title isn't a bad thing, even if it harbors some negativity.

What about the title "Monsters will be Monsters"? Totally just a suggestion, no offense meant at all! Have a great day!


ScruffyWeeny42 t1_iu9tohy wrote

Beautiful piece, and totally understand that the title is based on personal experience, but the reason people are getting upset is because you are lumping all boys into the category of rapist, which is unfair to most.

When I was in college my buddy and I got mugged and robbed by a couple of black guys in an alley in Denver. That doesn't mean that I would publically insinuate that all black people are muggers.

I also DONT THINK you should change the title at all if you don't want to. It's polarizing, draws attention, catches eyes, and gets you views. That's art baby. I just want to provide context as to why you are getting some negativity. (But again, with art, IMO, all publicity is good publicity).

Cheers and have a good one!