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I'm sorry, but this person Romero sounds like a self centered jerkoff and an idiot. Like who throws all their eggs into one basket or Airbnb rentals? "I'm looking for a job" yeah ya fuckin dumbass you should've already had one. I do think the regs could be a little better, and it should be easier to get a permit to operate, as long as there's safeguards for complaints etc to protect rowhouse blocks from idiot Airbnb renters.

I do think there's lots of property locked up in this short term game and it will be interesting so see how many properties come on the market because of this. I don't think it will be crazy and affect the market that much, but it will have some impact.


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Yes. The overwhelming majority of people in the most affected areas are decent people who go to work and have jobs. Thank you. They want more than anyone for the murderers and shooters to be arrested and brought to justice, but it can be difficult to "rat", because that opens your family up to retaliation violence. If objective evidence gathering devices like cameras were ubiquitous, and forensic analysis/tools were modern and reliable, murderers and shooters would be caught and arrested and prosecuted, these people would praise God, and their communities would be made much more safe. It's only a few thousand people out of 1.6 million that are shooting and murdering. They need to go away for a very long time, and we can focus on what's next and get some room to live.


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I don't think we do. The paradigm hasn't shifted. Still "dope and guns on the table" and "muh police officers arrested 200 dudes with illegal guns but muh krasner let 'em go". And the smoothbrains are still on the "cameras in public are literally Orwell 1984" logic line.

So nah...imma have to say we don't get it


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Part of MANDATORY 4K is addressing social iniquities.

This looks like cleaning sidewalks, keeping streets litter free, vacant land clear and clean, vacant housing kept up to standards(with a cost associated), planting trees, upgrading parks and playgrounds, funding better and more after school programs and initiatives, getting rid of abandoned vehicles, expanding funding to and improving the implementation of the "basic repairs program", tangled title help, expungement clinics, streamlining basic city job opportunities.

And all of the above need to be consistent and well managed. Actually solving crime is half the issue, the other half is the above plus increasing opportunities for people.

It's all part of MANDATORY 4K


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Until the priority is placed upon solving violent crimes, making arrests and presenting solid cases, this will continue to happen. This "dope on the table, guns on the twitter, stop and frisk" attitude does not and will not get the job done. The department needs to shift to call response, foot patrols, bike patrols, community engagement, and HEAVY on investigations and the capacity to conduct them in a modern, successful way.

The issue is, of course, fat boi mcnesby and the majority of the police department that agrees that krasner is the problem and they're "doing their jobs well-when they're 'allowed' to do them". That, plus the police contract severely limits personnel reassignment etc, and the commish/mayor/brass do not have the intelligence or fortitude to even make the basic realignments necessary, nor the vision or ability to call for the forensics, the cameras, and the tech needed to successfully catch these murderers.



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When did we get to the point of everything needing a pilot program? Like do half the stations this year and half next.

That said, I'm glad they're doing something.

I've been saying exclude and remove the smokers and shitters and shooters from transit. Septa is not and should not be responsible for the homeless population. Its seriously deterring lots of people from using the el. The worst is smoothbrain idiots out there defending or criticizing plans to do something about it, or making fun of people who talk about smoking or drug use like they're suburban babies. Get fucked with that attitude.


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I get that taxis got fucked but they were caught with their pants down when technology leapt over their heads. They were a complacent, shitty service before Uberization. Always "my card reader is down", cab wasn't clean, shitty attitude when I told em my destination, etc. it's only recently they've changed their minds, but not the attitudes.