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Yea we shopped for a house the past year. For what we’re currently paying we’d get a rundown 2 bed 1 bath shack in the sticks that’d probably need a new roof within the first week. Rent is expensive but still the better choice until rates come down or we have a major down payment.


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We rent a 2 bed 2 bath with garage for 2.2k. A similar house in the area including property tax, insurance, interest rates, etc… Easily 2.5-3k. And thats a house built 60+ years ago needing a lot of maintenance (which is free in an apartment). Also consider good luck saving for a down payment while paying 2k a month. It’s not easy getting out of the life if you want to. Also the rent life definitely comes with benefits for those that don’t mind paying rent and never gaining equity such as the no lawn care, maintenance, repairs, etc.


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Yea sadly we’ve been on/off looking for 4 years now. We originally were content with the FHA/4%. But between our house goals and last years cash offers ours down payment goal has significantly increased. I do regret not settling on something simpler years ago but live and learn. We’ll get that house eventually.