SeaboarderCoast OP t1_jcshcd0 wrote

yeah pretty much

Some dude named David Joe Billysman or something invented burnable Polonium, and accidentally made FTL at the same time. It also burns in space, because fuck you, Physics, the V8 does all.

When this baby hits 233,000 RPM, you’re gonna see some serious shit, and hear the most heavenly of engine roars.


SeaboarderCoast t1_ja7xkkl wrote

And Russia still hasn’t made a good enough case for ‘Russian’ being a different enough species from humans to get a separate congressional vote. It might just have to wait a little bit.


SeaboarderCoast t1_ja7vr32 wrote

Maybe Humanity has created new sentient creatures / robots / whatever.

1 seat for Humanity

1 seat for Sentient Robots

1 seat for, idk, cat people or something

1 seat for the State of Florida