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I love the character Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), especially in the first one. I'm guessing he's intentionally made less likeable in Part 2, along with Michael getting the same treatment.

"Oh, that was an accident, Kay. (slightly laughing at the charred car frame) But nobody was hurt."


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One thing worth mentioning is the creatives at Disney were very much into darker subjects in the 80s. Tim Burton was part of that group. (They had begun developing Nightmare Before Christmas during this time.)

The Black Cauldron was the tipping point where they overhauled their animation department, and moved toward lighter, more kid-accessible movies like Oliver & Co., Little Mermaid, etc.


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Be sure to bring your blankie and soiled diaper to the trial as evidence. It's going to be ok, little fella. They're not Nazis, they're fundraisers; just like the rest of the police near the end of the month. Just challenge the ticket like a big boy.