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Beautiful pie, I make pizza but never acheived that crust. So thanks for the recipe. The first time I ate a pie called Margherita was in Naples in 1971 where it was created. Your pizza looks authentic.


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Rich people they do like to bitch. Someone below says Door Dash et al should rent the spaces because of the fees they charge? How about you don't use any of those services and you won't get charged any fees. Walk to the deli instead of abusing the delivery people.

Must be the same kind of people that resent tipping wait-persons as well. The complainers live on the upper west side, they're well to do and entitled. They do not want the unwashed masses anywhere near then the ones making a stink should move to Vermont.

The people who use those bikes are working people so of course the well to do denizens of those hoods don't want to have to look upon the lower classes.


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There's one on Christopher Street, one at the corner of 7th, west corner the block below Christopher, there's a weed store at 7th and 21st Streets and there one one just above 125th Street in Harlem. I've been seaking them out and trying them all. So far I don't mind being the "canary in the coal mine".


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Seems to me law enforcement has bigger fish to fry than weed dealers. Crack down on hate crimes, subway crimes real crime!

I use several of these alleged "illegal" weed stores, the product is great, the kids working the counters in Harlem or in the Village are always cool. I trust the product that I've been using for months.

Dispenseries are few and far between, difficult to get to. Pot should be like alcohol. Yes we have liquor and wine stores but you can still buy both in some groceries stores.

We should have the options. The debate about the "dangers" of weed are only for those who oppose it without looking at the benefits and without realizing that it is NOT deadly as is alcohol. And like alcohol if you have it in the house, make sure your kids don't have access.


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Cuomo knows what he's talking about and the whole sex scandal thing was and remains bullshit. It was a way to get him out of office to make room for someone else. I'd vote for him again. The Cuomo things indicates to me that all a person has to do is accuse someone and voila, they're guilty especially if it's a woman making the accusations. So it's just like the dems to take the fighters down for bullshit it's a sexist and ageist.