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Don't be a snob and shop at Price Rite for your staples. I prefer Gold Star to Southbridge St. because the parking lot is much larger and there is less chance of being waylaid by someone


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Great place, really sort of a tough parking lot getting in and out, especially out. Chandler Street is so dangerous even before you factor in all the cars parked blocking your view of oncoming traffic. After a couple scares I just stopped going. And I don't do DoorDash or Uber Eats because those services screw over restaurants big time.


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Ehhhhhh here's the flip side. I grew up near there. It's rough and ugly. NO not everyone. But there are enough ruffians, drug dealers and other trash to outweigh the normal people who just don't have much money. Note I am not counting homeless among the "ruffians." Cops are needed at all hours down on Main Street #s 600 to 950.


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Terrible. I don't doubt there is some justification for this investigation.

What's fucked up is that Chief Sargent is a decent guy. Really is. But it seems he is losing control of his troops. Time for removal?

Batista: You're the new CEO of Worcester. Of course you're participating in the investigation. The question is whether you have the klackers to do something about problems that are found.


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This is incorrect in many ways. I am sorry. Not trying to be rude. I speak from direct knowledge and experience. None of them have EVER worked a "well over" 40-hour week as a councilor. This is not true. Maybe Janice Nadeau did, (district councilor prior to Sarai Rivera and Barbara Haller) but she was retired. Maybe Thu Nyguen puts in a lot of hours, seems like that would be the case.

Most of the current councilors have full-time jobs. Khrystian King is a social worker for DCF. Sean Rose runs a nonprofit for kids with needs in Marlborough. Petty works for one of the state employee union pension funds out of Boston. Etel works for Central Mass Housing Alliance. Etc. etc etc. These folks are not working 45+ hours a week on their council jobs. I can assure you that. It doesn't take that long anyway unless you really want to put in the hours just for the sake of it.

Bottom line it can be a 15 hour a week gig at most and maybe a little more if they need to hit a few extra ribbon cuttings and rubber chicken dinners to get more campaign contributions so they can run again next time.

The council USED to be a low-paying gig at about $15K, but now it pays nearly $35,000. Plus they and their family get on the city's health plan if they want or need it (ever notice how many lawyers with their own shingle run for council? They need the health coverage). It's a gold-plated plan last I knew.


People on the council accrue time according to the amazing state law that allows public employees to get 80 percent of their best-earning three years as a fixed pension. You need at least 20 years of "public service" to get a good pension, so what you see is many people starting out on part-time public boards, maybe get on the council if they can, and then shoot for a department head job or anything that pays decently to get those 'best three years' in. Boom, nice pension that pays out alongside whatever 401K and such they developed on their own through their regular job. It's a good system for those who can work it. Like Ray Mariano did, to name just one.

MAYBE some councilors run for the purest reasons. But for most it's a hybrid of wanting power and influence, along with potential for financial reward over time.

I'm not going to even talk about your bribe allegations. Lol. Worcester is a lot of things but it's not Tammany Hall.