Sefera17 t1_jaap9cf wrote

And the suits that can keep out the pressure at the bottom of the ocean can also be used to survive in hard vacuum, so the space whales won’t be able to one-up us either. Though we’re going to need a second seat on the council for our AI, once we create them; or maybe we’ll just put an AI in our seat.


Sefera17 t1_j5p2n3z wrote

I’ll settle for “I wish I {listing out my full legal name} had the powers of Meta Luck, Science-Magic Lordship, and Freedom, inherent to myself and as they are defined, on the Superpower Wiki; as of this time {listing out the date and time, down to the second}”.

I’ll then turn around and grant the genie it’s freedom, if it doesn’t already have it.


Sefera17 t1_j5l2yph wrote

A meteor nobody saw coming hit mid-asia a few weeks ago, and threw up enough dust to block out the sun for a decade. Most places have already run out of food, and two thirds of humanity has staved to death or died trying not to.

You’re a family oriented person, and a survivor, but your family isn’t helping matters at all.