SelectiveSanity t1_je615wr wrote

The line in question is;

>"Aishwarya Rai is a goddess, by comparison, Madhuri Dixit is a leprous prostitute."

That being said, the crux of the notice is that the line defames women in general.

My counterpoint, the character Raj is stating his preference over one Bollywood Actress over another(and possibly his distain for latter). It would be akin to American action film fan saying; "Keanu Reeves is a badass, while Steven Seagull is a fat ass wannabe liar who was never that great even in his hay day."


SelectiveSanity t1_jbaa1b1 wrote

Am the only one thinking this originated from some lofty idea spewing coked out executive with no real world experience in their company's field or even basic understanding of electronics, let alone physics and doesn't even have an idea on how much would actually cost to implement this, let alone maintain it, after reading some scifi pulp novel?

The type of idiot who would dream up the gay bomb or a rich entitled asshole's dystopian nightmare tax haven on the sea.