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Yeah, I gotta jump through VPN hoops to get access, I'm not paying them shit.

For the most part I might go to 1 game a season and watch a handful at a bar or a friend's house. This is down from going to a dozen games and watching nearly every single other one on TV 10 years ago.

The NHL simply hassled me out of being a fan.


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If you think the people are smiling at you because they love their jobs, you are exactly the kind of easy-to-fool customer they are looking for.

And Sheetz lines are short because they have self checkout screens, and if there's more than 3 people in line for smokes/beer, they open another checkout line.

Which GetGo just can't fricken figure out. I've had lone cashiers just go on break with nobody coming out to take over. I don't blame the employees, but I do blame the shitty management.