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American Vandal. It’s not to too obvious but they’re “self aware” in the second season and say that thanks to Netflix and season 1 being a huge hit, they got more money to “investigate” more crimes. It’s hilarious all around


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“In a rough study, approximately 100 percent of celebrities’ children were hailed by their collaborators as talented, humble, and ready to put in the work.” This is hilarious. They mention that Malia Obama worked for Donald Glover. Of course he’s not going to bash the daughter of a former president


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I quit on this show years ago but it’s still around and I’m just wondering if there is a market for it? I mean at this point, anyone who is a fan will stick around for whatever may come next right? Maybe there’s a big enough fan base to continue this universe but literally ever post I see on here about the walking dead is people complaining how the quality went to shit


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I love Lost and will defend it till I die but S3 was not the best. S3 was the reason people began to run on Lost because it felt like the show was just sputtering on auto pilot. Gave us the two worst episodes of the series, Jacks tattoos and Nikki and Paulo. It’s gotta be either S1 or S2. That was top tier mystery and “wtf” is going on